Top 3 Grilling Tips For A Tastier Summer!

Ready for grilling season?! We are!

We’re polishing off our grills, dusting off our picnic blankets and calling all friends for a summer feast to remember (and drool over)!

food-dinner-grilled-shashlik-mediumHere are our top 3 delicious grilling tips to fire up the grilling champ in you:

  1. Lay slices of orange and lemon onto the grill, and slide your seasoned fish on top. You’ll get all the grilled flavor without wrestling with the heat, along with a fresh infusion of citrus.
  2. Worried about dry burgers? Place an ice cube or a pat of butter on the indentation of the patty while the first side cooks. The extra steam will ensure juiciness!
  3. Splash some apple cider vinegar and crack some black pepper into a store-bought BBQ sauce to make it taste homemade!


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