Grocery Delivery: A Nashville mom’s dream come true

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I’m a wife and the mom to two boys (a very hungry ten year old, and an alternately hungry and picky two year old). On top of those responsibilities, I own, manage, and run a thriving parenting resource site — Nashville Moms Blog. We are a team of energetic and involved local moms working hard to keep other Nashville moms in the know and connected to each other and local businesses.

When I first heard about Shipt’s grocery delivery service, I threw a little dance party right there in my kitchen. You see, we’re expecting a baby girl in September, and I was somewhat dreading the prospect of grocery shopping while juggling an active toddler (who has an increasingly stronger sense of autonomy) and an infant in the coming months while simultaneously trying to not forget anything on my list. Additionally, I know SO MANY moms who this service can and will help! On my team alone, we have a mom who just had twins and also has a toddler, we have working moms who just want to spend some time with their families when they get home, and numerous other reasons that we are all searching for ways to make that work/life/family balance come out in our favor.

Admittedly, the mere prospect of the service had me giddy, so when the Shipt team invited me to check out how the service works—from both my side (the ordering) and the Shopper’s side (the fulfilling and delivery), you know I was game. And, y’all. They did not disappoint. From the professional and courteous manner with which the Shopper treated everyone (myself, the lady at the deli counter, the bag boy) to the efficient but careful choosing of items to fulfill the grocery list, there was thought and consideration in every step. The app is intuitive, and the execution is well-planned and thought through. I. Am. Sold.

Need your groceries delivered somewhere other than your own home? Check.
Special request/requirements? Check. Check.
Need them FAST? You can choose a delivery window in the next HOUR.
Forget something and remember it after the order is placed? They’ve thought of that too!
And on top of all that, your Shopper communicates with you about any substitutions necessary during the shopping process and can let you know (via text) when your delivery is en route to your home (so you can do things like warn them about your sleeping infant or barking dog).

Get ready. Get signed up. Nashville, the grocery delivery service we’ve been looking for is HERE!

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