Grocery Delivery Leaping into Chattanooga

As we get ready to close the books on 2015, the Shipt launch team is preparing to bring the simplicity and convenience of grocery delivery to the good folks of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Considering the fact that Nashville was our second launch city, it almost feels like we’re coming full circle by returning to the Appalachian Mountains for our final launch of the year.

Chattanooga is known for its incredible view of several neighboring states, but there are plenty of additional reasons to hang out in this ultra-cool Southern city. For starters, they have their own typeface known as CHATYPE. Don’t believe us? Check out this website and watch the video – it’ll give you the backstory (and let you download the font!).

While using CHATYPE to draft your Chattanooga itinerary, but sure to include a visit to the impressive Tennessee Aquarium, located along the Tennessee River. As winter approaches (at least that’s what’s supposed to happen this time of year), you can participate in the incredible Sandhill Crane Cruise, which gives you the chance to watch thousands of Sandhill Cranes migrate south. Pretty amazing.

Need transportation to the aquarium? No problem. You can rent an eco-friendly bike from the Chattanooga Bicycle Transit System and cruise around the riverfront. Only need the bike for a few minutes? Well, take advantage of the fact that all bike rentals that last less than an hour are FREE. Considering how often our team uses Zyp in Birmingham, we anticipate using Bike Chattanooga whenever we need to jump from point A to point B.

If point A is the aquarium, then be sure to make point B TerraMae, a farm-to-table hot spot located a few blocks from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Specializing in locally sourced ingredients and meticulous cooking techniques, TerraMae offers everything from duck confit salad to bacon-wrapped scallops. Considering some of the menu options, you might want to extend your Bike Chattanooga by an extra hour or so.

Finally, you cannot talk about Chattanooga without mentioning Rock City – home of the world famous Lover’s Leap. Rock City is the go-to spot for nearly every family travelling through Tennessee (if you need proof, just check out the number of billboards that feature the words “SEE ROCK CITY”), but it’s also a nice place to get some fresh air and observe the word around you.

So, rather than spending your time driving across town and waiting in line at the grocery store, use Shipt to place your Publix order on your phone then jump on a bike and discover Chattanooga. Our Shoppers will handle the rest.

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