Handpicked Horoscopes: February Edition

Welcome to Aquarius season – one of the most delightful seasons of all. Even at home, we’re feeling friendly and open-minded this month. Find out how February will treat you, plus get a special valentine handpicked just for you. 


Aquarius, you really are our jam. With your idealistic nature, you push those around you to be their best. This month, you can expect to find yourself taking a more practical approach to any conflict that may arise. With Uranus, your ruling planet, in Taurus, you’re channeling dependability that will guide you into completing difficult tasks. No matter what happens, keep your chin up – it’s your time to shine. 


We couldn’t have picked a better valentine for you, Pisces. Your sensitive spirit makes you sweet as pie. This month you’ll channel Aries ambition as Mars and Neptune, your ruling planet, meet in sextile. Your additional confidence may open up new doors for the opportunities that you’ve been dreaming of. The Sun enters Pisces mid-month which will ignite your compassionate nature and help you remain level-headed when interacting with others. 


We’d love to have you at our virtual happy hour, Aries. Between your confidence and ambition, you’re great to have around. With Mars in Taurus, you’re feeling more responsible than usual. With this extra hardworking energy, you’ll see benefits at home and at work. As always, you’re filled to the brim with passion. Use the shift in energy this month to steer you in the right direction toward productivity. 


We love your gentle spirit, Taurus, and all of your responsible glory. You may feel a little out of your element this month. With Venus in Aquarius, you’re feeling rebellious – well, rebellious for you. You may be seeking more privacy than normal and thinking of ways to break outside of your usual mold. Later in the month, Jupiter joins Mars in Aquarius bringing you feelings of luck and friendliness. 


You’re sweeter than honey, affectionate Gemini. Your search for knowledge will be fueled by Mercury in Aquarius this month. Your natural curiosity will be thankful for the energy shift that will push you to get organized. Venus joins Mercury in Aquarius creating a sense of luck and spurts of creativity. Remember to not get too swept up in your passions and to take care of yourself during your day-to-day. 


We really are meant to be, loyal Cancer. With your intuition and loving nature, you’re a great person to have around. There’s a New Moon in Aquarius this month which will put you in the mood to brainstorm. Tread lightly, though, it may not be the best time to uproot your current routine or make too drastic a change. Later, the Full Moon in Virgo will bring out your perfectionist tendencies. 


Leo, your infectious, passionate energy makes you so fun to be around. Keep your cheery attitude throughout the month as there’s a possibility that your character will be tested until the Sun leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces. You’ll feel more imaginative and compassionate, opening yourself up to empathy with those around you. You’ll see success at work from your keen observation that comes with the Pisces energy that you’ll harness. 


We’re so lucky to know you, Virgo. With your analytical mind and hardworking spirit, everyone needs someone like you in their lives. Mercury, your ruling planet, goes direct toward the end of the month. This shift will create smooth communications with your loved ones. Finally, a full Moon in Virgo at the end of the month will help you achieve clarity in your work and home life, spurring extra organization.


You’re bunches of fun, Libra. From your intelligent, artistic mind to your peacemaker nature, you’re the cornerstone of your loved ones. With Venus in Aquarius, you may feel some tension in your relationships, but don’t let it get you down. Later in the month, Venus enters Pisces which will heighten your tenderness and forgiveness. It’s a good time to reach out to anyone that you’ve been craving clarity from.


You’re always looking good, Scorpio. Not only that, but your stunning charm brings excitement to relationships. This month,  Mercury enters Capricorn which will heighten your passion. It’s a good time for you to step out of your comfort zone, but be mindful not to spend money in excess or make rash decisions. Tend to your relationships carefully as your dialed-up passion may cause misunderstandings. 


A coffee-flavored valentine is perfect for you, Sagittarius. Your natural enthusiasm makes you the next best thing to caffeine. You’re feeling especially open-minded this month as Jupiter makes its way into Aquarius. Your idealistic views of  the world come out and luck appears to be on your side. Remember to stay grounded or your luck could shift when Uranus enters Taurus and causes friction with your inclination to rebel. 


We truly are bananas for you, Capricorn. You’re hardworking and can always be trusted to get things done. You’re so responsible that things seem to come naturally to you. Be careful this month, as the outcomes are mixed. You may feel disconnected from yourself with Saturn in Aquarius as your mind leans toward work but your heart leans toward play and relaxation. Consider your options carefully before making large decisions. 

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