Handpicked Horoscopes: June Edition

Welcome to the season of the twins! Sometimes Gemini gets a bad rap for being fickle, but the truth is Gemini energy is the fun and infectious spirit we all need. Between being simultaneously spontaneous and structured, you’ll find the perfect middle ground of summertime adventure. 


Fiery Aries, Mars begins the month in Cancer which has you feeling more emotional than usual. This watery influence ignites your already passionate personality. Later, Mars enters Leo which creates more drama for your inner circle. Try to stay grounded this month; your loved ones will appreciate it. Sip on cherry sparkling water this month. The sweet flavor will balance your spice and help mellow your mood. 


Venus, your ruling planet, is in Cancer which is giving you all the energy for homemaking. With Uranus in Taurus, you’ll find yourself discovering new solutions to problems you weren’t sure how to tackle before. At the end of the month, Venus enters Leo which brings a vibrance to your life that you’ve been craving. Strawberry infused sips will bring summer fruit flavor to your day. You may even get inspired to create strawberry treats for your loved ones.  


It’s your season, Gemini! Time to let your inner light shine and celebrate all the good vibes you bring into the world. Your communication is on fire this month (in a good way). As long as you stay open to receiving feedback in all its forms, you’re sure to have productive conversations with your most-treasured loved ones. A peach-flavored sparkling water will boost your mood and bring on the optimistic vibes you thrive in. 


There’s a new moon solar eclipse in Gemini this month, homebody Cancer. That means now is the time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Mercury is in retrograde so better to stick to low-risk endeavors. Later in the month, there’s a full moon in Capricorn which is making you feel extra productive. An orange-flavored beverage will keep you alert and ready to work through it all. 


The sun is in Gemini this month which has you feeling energized for the future and in goal-setting mode. Ride the wave and set your sights high. On the summer solstice, the sun enters Cancer which gives you more energy than you’ve had in a while. You’re ready to shed your fears and embrace the positivity of the summer season. You’ll love Mango bubly™ for its warm-weather-ready and bright flavor. 


Mercury, your ruling planet, is in Gemini this month which can leave your head feeling a little foggy. Try to stay focused and dial in on the details, as you’re usually prone to be. Later in the year, Mercury goes direct in Gemini which will clear your head and give you a moment to slow down. Take a mental vacay with pineapple-flavored sparkling water. Its tropical vibes will suit your mood. 


You’re even more nurturing and empathetic than usual, gentle Libra. Venus, your ruling planet, is in Cancer which has you completely connected to your emotions. Your connectivity will help you in love and money. At the end of the month, Venus enters Leo which makes you more interested in dramatics and spoiling yourself with luxury. Maintain balance and keep your sips simple with a lime bubly™


Pluto starts the month in Capricorn which has your dramatic streak turned up a notch. Take a moment when you feel yourself getting frustrated to prevent arguments with your loved ones. Not to mention, Mars, your other ruling planet, enters Leo mid-month which will add drama and passion to your days. It may be a hot month for you emotionally. Cool off with the crisp and hydrating flavor of watermelon


The month starts with Jupiter, your ruling planet, in Pisces. You may be feeling on edge or more emotional than usual, especially as Jupiter goes retrograde. It’s important to trust your intuition in your interactions with your loved ones. Let it guide you and you’ll continue to grow spiritually and emotionally. Try a sparkling water with an adventurous flair like Blueberry pomegranate to bring your fiery energy each day. 


Your ruling planet, Saturn, starts the month in Aquarius. This gives you energy to plan for the future and continue to work toward your goals. Later, Pluto is in your corner which creates tension, so brace yourself for turbulence. You’ll love the consistency of a flavor that’s sweet, lightly tart, and reminiscent of summers past: Blackberry bubly™. Indulging in a flavor that’s chill and fresh will balance out your hyper-focused disposition. 


Uranus is in Taurus this month which is giving you all the energy you need this month. All you have to do is trust your instincts. Follow your heart and you’ll find luck in finances. With Saturn in your corner, you’ll uncover the structure you need to thrive. Try adding a hint of raspberry to your refreshment routine – thank us later. This lightly sour flavor will keep you alert and ready for anything. 


Neptune is in your corner this month, Pisces. Keep your mind open and willing to wonder as your emotional nature may be taken for a bit of a ride. Neptune goes retrograde later in the month. Prepare yourself for the worst, arm yourself with your natural wisdom,  and everything will be a breeze. We recommend indulging in grapefruit sips this month. The crisp flavor will excite you and keep you energized. 

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