Handpicked Horoscopes: November Edition

Welcome to Scorpio season! Get ready for your fiery side to ignite and go bigger and bolder than you typically would. Not to mention, we’re all ready to go all out with our holiday festivities after a year of navigating the “new normal.” So, go ahead – dig into the richest, most scrumptious Thanksgiving side, picked just for you based on your zodiac sign. 


It’s your season, Scorpio! Enjoy time with your loved ones. Pluto, one of your ruling planets, starts the month in Capricorn which can lend a helping hand by giving you extra determination. Tackle that difficult project you’ve been putting off and the output may amaze you. This year, add green bean casserole to your Thanksgiving table. It’s a classic recipe that you can easily put your own spin on to create a new tradition. 


Social Sagittarius, you’re on fire this month! Jupiter, your ruling planet, is in Aquarius which has you feeling even more sociable than usual. Later in the month, the sun enters your corner which will keep your outlook bright and cheery, igniting your predisposition to seek adventure. Cool off with something lightly sweet and tart on your Thanksgiving table like cranberry sauce. You’ll love this seasonal staple. Bring on the traditional vibes. 


You’re feeling drawn to your social circle and craving acceptance. With Saturn, your ruling planet, hanging out in Aquarius, you’re inspired to funnel your energy to your community. You’re so talented, dedicated Capricorn, and you’re looking for ways to share your skills and knowledge. Show off your stuff with your very own take on homemade mac & cheese. Whether you’ve got a family recipe to work off or are starting from scratch, you’re sure to wow your loved ones. 


Idealistic, Aquarius, brace yourself. Your ruling planet, Uranus, starts the month in Taurus which can bring unexpected news. Get ready to be excited but stay alert for any surprises that may come your way. You may be tempted to lead with your heart instead of your head, even more than usual. Well, trust yourself and follow your heart right to warm and savory mashed potatoes and gravy. This classic side dish is peak comfort food. 


You’re feeling even more dreamy than usual, creative Pisces. Your ruling planet, Neptune, is in your corner this month which is keeping you well attuned to the emotions of others and fueling your artistic side. All these feels will give you luck in love. Channel your heart-eyes and creativity into your Thanksgiving table with a beautiful, fresh salad. Let your talents shine through by creating a custom flavor with fresh produce and a dressing of your choice. 


Bold Aries, your ruling planet, Mars, is in Scorpio this month so you’re feeling even more powerful than usual. It’s a good time to take big steps toward your next endeavor. Your creativity is working overtime this month and giving you plenty of opportunities to succeed. You’re busy, so keep your Thanksgiving simple with creamed spinach. This delicious seasonal staple is super easy to make with a big flavor payoff – score! 


Family and love is top of mind for you this month, Taurus. With Venus in Capricorn you’re laser-focused on love and finances. It’s a great time for networking and mingling. Your affectionate side is amplified by this planetary placement so you’re craving attention from loved ones. Go all out on Turkey Day with a creamy butternut squash soup. The warm fall flavor will bring all the homey vibes and it’s sure to impress. 


Mercury, your ruling planet, starts the month in Libra which brings balance to your social life. With all that activity, there may be some rough patches, so be careful. Later, Mercury enters Scorpio which may add a touch of mystery to your interactions. Later, Mercury moves again into Sagittarius which gives you major cravings for travel. Needless to say, you’re in for a ride. Grab a tried-and-true side: deviled eggs. They’re nearly impossible to mess up. 


The moon starts the month in Scorpio which encourages you to look inward. Mid-month, there’s a full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus which can help you close the book on romantic and financial issues from the past. Enjoy comfort food your whole family will love: sweet potato casserole. This classic dish will take you back to Thanksgiving meals from your childhood and delight your guests. Don’t forget to top with toasty marshmallows for that extra chef’s-kiss touch.  


The sun starts the month in Scorpio which could stir the pot when it comes to love and money. Try not to fixate on the little things and appreciate the bigger picture. You’ll also be inclined to get in touch with your spiritual side. Later, the sun enters Sagittarius which keeps your outlook brighter and optimistic. Embrace the season with your very own stuffing (or dressing, if you prefer). Dig into the ultimate flavor of Thanksgiving in the best way: savory carbs


Hardworking, Virgo, Mercury starts the month in Libra which has you feeling extra social. Later, Mercury enters Scorpio which will help guide you in professional relationships. You’re able to make relationships with important contacts and see the best in every opportunity. Take a breather with something easy and totally satisfying like fresh rolls. Even if they’re premade for easy access, you’ll live for the yummy addition to the big meal. 


Venus starts the month in Capricorn which helps you with love and money. You’re looking for ways to solidify your relationships, both romantic and platonic. Plus, you’re feeling super ready to tackle anything that comes your way in the work world. With extra determination on your side, you can handle anything. For Turkey Day, go all out on traditions with delicious cornbread. Don’t forget to use an iron skillet for a maximum crunchy, buttery crust. 

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