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Happy 3 Year Anniversary to H-E-B and Shipt!

We go way back with the state of Texas. Three years to be exact. But that’s not the only reason we love Texas, aside from its delicious barbeque, it’s also home to the one and only H-E-B!

It’s been three years since we first kicked off our partnership with H-E-B in San Antonio, TX and it’s been nothing short of an incredibly rewarding journey not just for us, but also for our members and shoppers. Whether it’s the friendly and organized partners (what H-E-B calls its employees) or lightning fast checkout service, we look back on the last three years fondly. Don’t take our word for it, we asked Shipt Shoppers to tell us why they love shopping at H-E-B so much! Here’s what they said:

“I’ve shopped at H-E-B for my personal groceries for 20 years; now that I’m shopping there more often for Shipt just makes me love the store even more! The workers are so friendly and helpful… [and] I’m on first name and hug basis with many employees. You can tell that this is more than just a job, they really care!” -Laura R.

“Last week was rainy and stormy here in Houston [and] a local H-E-B had an employee stand at the exit door with a large umbrella [offering] to give anyone who wanted a covered walk out to their car. I honestly thought to myself ‘I don’t know if I could love this store any more than I do.’” -Jami H.

“… Always some good ol’ Texas hospitality from all the partners! I truly feel like a part of the team when I’m doing a shop there!” -Deedra G.

“The Partners 💕 I’ve seen them almost daily for over 2 years. They went through an entire pregnancy with me and ask me how my twins are and ask to see pictures all the time. They’ve truly become my friends… Let’s not forget to mention the fresh tortillas, Texas shaped chips, [burger] condiments, fresh guac, and everything else I know I’m missing.” -Sarah K.

“I love how any time there’s a natural disaster in Texas, H-E-B sends semi-trucks full of relief goods to the areas affected. Not in days, mind you.. [in] hours notice.” -Cindy P.

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