Helpful Tips from Shipt Shopping Teachers

Classes are almost in session! Whether your kids will be heading back into the classroom or learning at home, we’ve gathered some great tips from teachers who also Shipt shop. They know all the ends and outs of successfully balancing multiple roles, and can offer helpful teaching advice to working parents.

Give these tips a try to help your kids ace this school year!

Tips: What’s your best advice for teaching at home?

Create a “school space” (when possible) that is completely separate from everything else in the home. It gives the impression that school really is school, whether it’s at home or in a brick and mortar. I also give my students multiple brain breaks throughout the day – plus recess. – Toni G., English and social studies teacher

The best advice I can give for teaching at home is to make a schedule and stick to it. Kids love to have schedules, whether they admit it or not. But try not to go overboard with the schedule either. – Antonio F., music teacher

What’s a great resource that parents can use at home?

I’ve found that has been such an amazing source to utilize. The site aids in writing skills, grammar skill practice and improvement, and SAT and ACT prep. I also highly recommend the analytical grammar products that teach sentence diagramming (an English teacher’s dream come true)! – Danielle E., English and gardening teacher

A great resource I use while teaching is It has a lot of lessons students can do to learn more about music theory, and it has exercises they can do to test their knowledge! – Antonio F., music teacher

What’s the best way to stay encouraged while teaching? 

The best resource anyone can have during teaching (whether remotely or in-person) is other teachers. Nothing beats bouncing ideas off one another and talking to other teachers and parents who are going through the same thing. – Toni G., English and social studies teacher

Patience! The more support children receive from us as parents, the calmer they will be. Also, most teachers are more than happy to help. We can FaceTime to help and give lessons – just reach out and ask kindly. It really is completely a team effort! – Danielle E., English and gardening teacher

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