Holley Grainger’s Pumpkin Pie Cake Pops

In partnership with LÄRABAR.

You don’t need countless ingredients or fancy kitchen skills to get a taste of Thanksgiving! Made with Lara Bars and melted white chocolate, these easy cake pops are all the sweet you need for the holidays. Keep it simple or roll them in edible glitter or sprinkles. No matter which way you go, you can’t go wrong with these pops!

Holley Grainger’s Pumpkin Pie Cake Pops


Makes 10 Cake Pops

1 (8-oz) box Pumpkin Pie LÄRABAR (5 bars)

1 (10-12 oz) bag white chocolate candy melts

Optional: edible glitter, sprinkles, chocolate chips, chopped nuts


Cake pop sticks


 1. Unwrap each Lara Bar and cut in half. Using hands, roll each half into a ball.

 2. Melt 2 tablespoons of white chocolate candy melts in a small bowl according to package directions.

 3. Working one at a time, dip the end of a cake pop stick 1 inch into the melted white chocolate and insert halfway into the center of each cake pop. Continue with remaining cake pops then place in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes to harden.

 4. While the cake pops chill, melt remaining white chocolate in a tall glass according to package directions. Melt until the candy coating is slightly thicker than the consistency of paint.

 5. Dip each cake pop directly into the center of the glass to fully submerge the cake pop and fully coat. Lift cake pop out of the glass and gently swirl allowing excess candy coating to fall back into the glass.

 6. For optional sprinkles, chopped nuts, edible glitter coating: While the cake pop is still wet, add sprinkles, edible glitter, or chopped nuts. Place cake pop stick upright into a Styrofoam mold to dry. Repeat with remaining cake pops.

 7. For optional stripes or decorations: To create a striped look or to decorate further, melt additional colors and/or flavors of candy melts and pipe onto dried cake pops using a piping bag or a zip top bag. Place cake pop stick upright into a Styrofoam mold to dry. Repeat with remaining cake pops.

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