#HowDadCares [straight from the heart of HQ]

Dad Day is coming up. 

And, we can’t wait.

Because dads are well, dads. And the way they love is different.

For example, my parents live in another state. Whenever I come home, I find hiking socks (or some other hiking gear, but usually hiking socks. Some kind of socks.) in my room. And they may just look like thick, wool socks in the middle of summer, but they’re a sign he’s been thinking of me, his daughter.

And, I’m just so thankful for the way he cares. So we, at HQ, decided to share how some of our dads care, in honor of Dad Day, and to say thank you.

Share your stories and photos with us this weekend with #HowDadCares and #shiptlife. We can’t wait to spread the love.

Thank you dads, for all that you have done, are doing and will do.
You are our heroes. And we love you.


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