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How we’re supporting our community: Q&A with Shipt CEO Kelly Caruso

As millions of Americans adapt to a new normal, we at Shipt are also adjusting to a new pace, a new challenge, and a new reality. We take the responsibility of safely delivering the groceries, essentials, and medicine our customers need very seriously. Over the past month, we’ve seen our entire team – including our incredible Shipt Shopper community – come together to continue doing what we do best. And for that, we are grateful.

As we navigate this new environment together, we sat down with our CEO Kelly Caruso to discuss the steps we at Shipt are taking to support shoppers and improve the experience for our customers.

Q: What is Shipt doing to keep shoppers safe?

A: In coordination with public health guidance, we will be supplying every shopper with gloves and masks through pickup at their local Target store. We know these items are in high demand, and are working as fast as we can to equip our most active shoppers and those in high-risk areas by expediting individual safety kits. Throughout the pandemic, all shoppers can replenish their protective gear at Target stores.

This situation is changing rapidly and our approach to protect shoppers will continue to evolve as such. As CDC recommendations shift, we’ll continue to make every necessary adjustment to ensure our shoppers continue to be adequately protected.

Q: Does Shipt offer financial assistance for sick shoppers? What happens if a shopper gets sick or can’t shop?

A: We announced on March 12th that if a shopper is diagnosed with COVID-19 or is placed in mandatory individual quarantine by a public health authority, Shipt will provide up to 14 days of financial assistance – this policy remains the same today. We want to support our shoppers in any way we can.

However, we understand there are a number of factors limiting the availability of tests and we are taking a comprehensive approach to review financial assistance requests. That means understanding that every situation is unique, and we are working with each and every shopper on an individual basis to evaluate each request.

Q: Are shoppers being paid more during this unprecedented time?

A: Shipt Shoppers are doing amazing work during this time – and they earned a 30% increase in average pay per order due to a number of things since early March.

Shopping has become more difficult in recent weeks, we’ve seen an increase in demand, and we want to ensure that our shoppers feel appreciated. Our shoppers are encountering things each and every day that are out of their control, whether it be out of stocks, or a limit on the occupancy inside a particular store.

We’ve recently distributed bonuses from HQ – an added thank you for our most active shoppers who supported their communities during the busiest month in Shipt history.

We’re also blown away by the support from our customers – tips are up 30% on average, too. (As always, 100% of tips go directly to our shoppers.)

Q: What is Shipt doing about unavailable delivery times and long support wait times?

A: Our shoppers have been delivering record volumes to our customers, yet we know many are finding it difficult to use our services due to high demand. Because of this, we have actively added 70,000 new Shipt Shoppers during the pandemic, and we’re on track to double our shopper community by the end of April.

We’ve also doubled our support team to help us handle call, chat, and email volume and provide timely service. Hundreds of new additions to our team will be trained and operating by early next week.

Q: What other improvements are in the works?

A: We’re always working on a number of ways to enhance the Shipt experience for our customers. This includes beefing up our shopper and support teams, but it also includes rolling out additional features to make the Shipt experience more intuitive – stay tuned!

Thank you for your patience and trust as we work to improve our experience each day! We’re here for you.

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