HQ&A: Creating a Great Place to Work with Walt T.

Employee experience is a big part of what makes any company successful. At Shipt, we take it one step further by putting people first. Walt T., dad of three and Director of Employee Experience at Shipt, knows just what it takes to create a great place to work.

 1. First things first, let’s talk about your role. What do you do at Shipt? 

As Director of Employee Experience, I cover everything from employee engagement to training and development. Throughout my career I’ve worked as an individual contributor in each of these spaces, eventually leading teams focused on the overall employee experience. I love that I am able to help people while helping the business.

 2. What have been some big wins for your team?

Recently, we rolled out a new performance and pay process, quarterly career check ins and goal setting, and launched a new career development training. All while finding new ways to drive connection with team members working remotely! We also have more development opportunities coming for team members before the end of the year. 

 3. How can managers and coworkers support each other to provide positive work environments?

Communication is key. Talk about what works and do more of that. Be receptive to hearing what doesn’t work and change those things until they do. Recognize the hard work that you’ve accomplished by celebrating wins. We have a rewards program colleagues use daily just to say “thanks” to each other. It’s a necessity to recognize others. 

 4. When you dream big, what does the future of employee experience look like at Shipt?

Our employees will continue to feel how important they are because of the development we provide; they know how valued they are because we listen and take action based on their feedback; and, they stay with us because they see how their leadership cares for and focuses on them. 

 5. Finally: what’s always on your Shipt orders? 

As a single parent with three kids, it’s more about the quantity of Shipt orders in a week than what is on all of them. But we can never have too many Pop-Tarts or Tide pods!

We’re grateful to our Employee Experience team for driving our amazing culture! Follow along as we share more Shipt stories from HQ on the blog. Looking to join our unapologetically authentic workforce? See what roles are open.

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