HQ&A: Creating the Future of Same-Day Delivery with Jon F.

It’s a new year and a new world. In 2022, it’s no longer enough to simply keep up — at Shipt, we’re motivated to create the future of same-day delivery and last mile fulfillment. Jon F., Vice President of Innovation and New Ventures, leads the charge into the future.

 1. First things first, let’s talk about your role. What do you do at Shipt? 

I joined Shipt in November as the VP of Innovation and New Ventures. We are building a team of big thinkers and recruiting collaborators to create the next generation of Shipt experiences. 

 2. Why is it important to bring innovation and invention to a company?

Once an industry is digitally established, progression is swift and radical. Music is an example. Fifteen years ago, we had to either buy CDs or download huge files. Now, music lives in our phones. Shopping, delivery, and the gig economy will all look different in the next 5-10 years. Building that future state now will provide sustainable joy, delight, and comfort for the people we care so much about. 

 3. When you dream big, where do you see Shipt in the near future?

I believe Shipt’s future is boundless. I imagine a day when Shipt will become synonymous with your lifestyle and support all of your life’s complex needs. I believe Shipt will be constantly connected with people, even when they aren’t on our platform. In the very near future, we will design exciting experiments to help move in that direction. 

 4. What are some ways you strive to bring new concepts and ideas to Shipt?

An inventive culture is part of our DNA. We want to stoke our internal creative fire and incubate grassroots ideas. Externally, things are moving at the speed of thought. So we are creating an ecosystem of cutting-edge entrepreneurs and partners to forge net-new concepts. This will allow us to mobilize on behalf of our members, shoppers, and retail partners even faster. 

 5. Finally: What’s always on your Shipt orders? 

That’s easy — wine. My wife and I love the wine selection on our Shipt app. We also order lots of random “ life saver” items like printer cartridges, so the kids can print their homework. Before I joined the team, I even ordered a small BBQ from Shipt for a family road trip.

Innovation is the name of the game for Jon F. and his team! Follow along as we share more Shipt stories from HQ on the blog. Looking to join our unapologetically authentic workforce? See what roles are open.

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