HQ&A: Driving Growth with Deepta D., VP of Growth Marketing

Iterating and learning are a huge part of creating compelling content for growth marketing. Deepta D. is driven by data to find the best ways for her team to reach potential customers and shoppers. Find out how Deepta left the perfectionist mindset to find success at work. 

 1. First things first, let’s talk about your role. What do you do at Shipt? 

I always say the word “growth”  is such a ubiquitous term – everyone has some role to play in growing the business. But at its simplest, my job is to lead a team of marketers focused on creating compelling and effective touchpoints designed to find people to try Shipt (both consumers and shoppers) and keep them coming back to the service. 

 2. What is something you’ve learned through experience that more people should know? 

Things are always changing, so be open to it! The benefit of working in digital marketing is having a good deal of real-time data on performance. It’s relatively easy to understand if things are working in the moment. But the multi-sided marketplace industry is still in its adolescence, so it’s important not to hold on too tight to anything that “always works” and keep an open mind with experimentation. 

 3. What qualities and skills should a growth marketer have? 

The people I have seen both enjoy and do the best in growth marketing are people who have that mix of left-brain and right-brain skills. People often think of growth marketing as a right-brained discipline, but creativity is just as important for coming up with innovative campaign ideas or out-of-box thinking in solving business challenges.

 4. What’s the best advice you’ve received that’s helped you grow in your career? 

Early in my career, a mentor instilled in me: progress over perfection. If you are chasing perfection, you will never be able to move forward. That is hard coming from a perfectionist mindset, but putting out a “good enough” prototype can often lead to enough openness to come up with something even better with its next iteration. 

 5. Finally: What’s always on your Shipt orders? 

Target Good & Gather Cucumber Mint Sparkling Water! Great on its own or with a splash of gin.  

We’re so thankful for thoughtful innovators, like Deepta, who help drive the business forward. Looking to join our unapologetically authentic workforce? See what roles are open.

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