HQ&A: Elevating Diverse Perspectives at Work

Putting people first means actively elevating diverse perspectives. We spoke with Product Marketing Manager Itzel H. to learn more about how she brings her heritage to work and how her first year at Shipt has been.

 1. First things first, let’s talk about your role. What do you do at Shipt? 

I bring product innovation to life by developing consumer and member product-focused marketing campaigns that span across our different communication channels.

 2. Tell us what it means to you to be Hispanic, especially in the workplace.

I get to represent hard-working Hispanic people, my family, my country (Mexico), and my culture. I’m also able to bring diverse opinions and perspectives to ensure that our content and creative materials are multicultural and inclusive. 

 3. What makes you comfortable to share about yourself, your perspective, and your experiences at work?

Being born and raised in Mexico City for the first half of my life has made me appreciate different cultures and mindsets. Shipt has done a phenomenal job at giving employees of all ethnicities and backgrounds a safe space to express ourselves and be heard. My work experience here has been one of the most heartwarming, positive, and rewarding times in my career, thanks to a team of incredible leaders and caring teammates. 

 4. As you come up on your one-year Shiptaversary, what has been your favorite experience at Shipt? 

Launching product marketing campaigns like Preferred Shoppers and Dietary Preferences has been one of my favorite experiences at Shipt because I got to collaborate with an incredible team to bring our new product features to life!

Participating in events like Pride Month, Women’s History Month, and Hispanic Heritage Month has been the most inspiring and special to me because all Shipt team members are encouraged to share personal stories and be their authentic selves at work.

 5. Finally: What’s always on your Shipt order? 

Greek yogurt, eggs, and sea salt chips with a side of Lay’s onion dip! Love to mix healthy and feel-good snacks in my order.

We’re happy to have Itzel H. on our team! Follow along as we share more Shipt stories from HQ on the blog. Looking to join our unapologetically authentic workforce? See what roles are open.

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