HQ&A: Finding a New Normal as Work from Home Parents

Remote work means rethinking old routines. Laniesha, a Senior Accountant, and Brian, a Social Media Response Specialist at Shipt HQ, discuss becoming new parents during a new normal.

 1. First things first, let’s talk about your roles. Laniesha, what do you do at Shipt?

L: I’m a Senior Accountant. I keep track of monthly expenses from Marketing spends to monthly rent.

 2. Brian, how has working from home changed routines as parents and as employees?

B: We became parents while working from home, so there hasn’t been a big change to my daily routine. However, I do wake up earlier to walk/run to get my day started. 

 3. How has Shipt helped you find a work-life balance since becoming new parents last year?

B: The team has been really empathetic to the fact that babies are unpredictable. When we’ve needed a little extra time to tend to him first, both of our teams have rallied behind us. They also welcome his appearance during meetings.

 4. As we eventually look toward a more open world, what are you looking forward to introducing to your child?

B: Making holiday memories with more than just immediate family and vacationing. We’re a big sports family, so attending some of the local sporting events is highly anticipated!

 5. Finally, what’s always on your Shipt order?

L: Bottled water, baby food/snacks, and hummus cups with pretzels. 

We’re proud to call Brian and Laniesha W. (and little Ace) our own! Follow along as we share more Shipt stories from our HQ team on the blog. Looking to join our unapologetically authentic workforce? See what roles are open

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