InternSHIPT: Inside the Internship Program 

This year, we’re celebrating Nation Intern Day by highlighting our 2020 class of interns. We have 25 total team members from across the country and abroad. During the 12 week program, interns are immersed in our company and culture in both Birmingham and San Francisco. As they learn from experts in their fields, they also have high visibility with our Executive team.

Want to hear more? Three current interns share their stories: 

What have you learned from your internship so far? 

“Shipt has a no-blame environment. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. It is crucial to keep that in mind. What’s more important is that we learn from our mistakes and prevent them from happening again.” – Jerry L., Site Reliability intern 

“I’ve been able to become familiar with all the tools that we use, understand the workflow of building code with a team, and learn about how much logic and complexity goes into creating the services that we offer.” – Laura M., Software Engineering intern 

“So far I have learned a lot of things, but the most important are: teamwork, communication, and, of course, a lot of things that involve information technology, which is my field, like troubleshooting of computer hardware and software.” – Khe G., IT intern 

Share a favorite memory or moment from your Shipt experience. 

“My favorite memory is when my code deployed into the production environment. You can feel the changes you make when everyone is using the services you create.” – Jerry L., Site Reliability intern 

“At the end of one of our team meetings, my manager brought in his young son to show off a program he had built. Being a fully remote internship, I really value the times when we are able to share a few personal moments through Zoom.” – Laura M., Software Engineering intern 

“I like the fact that the organization takes the initiative to get involved in problems that are affecting our nation – that is very important.” – Khe G., IT intern 

What has been your biggest lesson that you’ll take with you throughout your career, after Shipt? 

“The biggest takeaway at Shipt is sympathy. Shipt walks in not only customers’, but also shoppers’, shoes. Shipt put humans first. After working at Shipt, I found myself more connected with other people.” – Jerry L., Site Reliability intern 

 “We do a book club every week where we discuss best practices for writing code. I know I will be holding onto the knowledge gained from these meetings throughout my career and I’m grateful to be part of a team that focuses on learning together.” – Laura M., Software Engineering intern 

“Teamwork and communication are always important. No one is an island. So, working together as a team will always produce better results. I will take that with me wherever I go.” – Khe G., IT intern 

We’re always looking for the industry’s finest to join our team. Check out job openings at Looking for an internship? Check back next year and you could join our team of professionals.

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