Local Love: Cheers to You, Kalamazoo

You could certainly say we’re smitten with the Mitten. After adding three new metros this week to the Shipt family in Michigan, we visited Shipt shoppers and local Michigangsters, LeahJo and Kyle, in Kalamazoo to celebrate our 9th launch with Meijer.

We’ve been hearing good things about Kazoo since launching in Detroit last year. It’s the home of Bell’s Brewery and annual Oberon Day, after all. But, before the beer, let’s grab some breakfast. And by breakfast, we mean good coffee.

Water Street Coffee

Coffee is the beginning of so many good things–friendships, first dates, adventures, and of course, grocery delivery in Kalamazoo.

We sipped lattes and discussed the future with our newest Shipt shoppers at this quaint, cozy cafe. It’s extremely local, grab-and-go in a hurry, and perfect for a coffee date.

Sweetwater’s Donut Mill

Named among Michigan’s top donut shops in America, Sweetwater’s Donut Mill is owned by third generation bakers, and takes the donut to another level. LeahJo said her family can’t come to town without picking up a dozen fancies.

Kyle, a Lyft driver when he’s not Shipting, mentioned that Sweetwater’s is open 24 hours, and he often ferries late-night visitors from West Michigan University.

Western Michigan University

After the Broncos first-ever national ranking and undefeated football season, the buzz is undeniable as the town gets ready for the start of school and of course, football. Despite our SEC roots, we can say it. Go Broncos. #LetsRide

The Henderson Castle

Now a cute bed and breakfast, the Henderson Castle is a 100-year-old work of art that features its own on-site vineyard and a rooftop spa with the highest vantage point in the city. The castle was established in 1895 by Frank and Mary Henderson, who were part of the fraternal organization of Freemasonry. Look closely, and you’ll see elements of that included in the castle design. However, don’t look too closely, because their spirits apparently haunt the castle.

Spirit of Kalamazoo

It’s a hard rule: We don’t visit a city without trying the local ice cream. The Spirit of Kalamazoo is a gift shop along the Kalamazoo “Mall” Downtown that proudly serves Plainwell Ice Cream, a locally-made favorite with creamy, bright flavors. We recommend the key-lime pie and not just because it’s our favorite shade of green.

Lana’s Boutique

Nearby, we poked around a few boutiques in the Kalamazoo Mall, and Lara’s was repping some strong Michigan pride alongside their designer denim and hand-crafted candles.  

Bell’s Brewery

Oberon is more than a beer in Kalamazoo–it is a way of life. Each year, the Oberon Day celebrates the annual release of the world-famous Oberon ale. More importantly, it signals the beginning some pretty amazing times in Michigan–baseball, summertime, outdoor adventures and Oberon.

The pub fair at the Eccentric Cafe will also ring your bell. We tried the Poutine crowned with brisket, Barbacoa Tacos, and Deviled Eggs. We won’t fault you for pairing that with an Oberon, but be sure to taste a few of the 40+ draught options, some of which are exclusive to the Cafe.

Beer Exchange

With elements of Wall Street, a pool hall, and a vintage arcade, this brewpub is one of the most unique concepts we’ve seen. It’s locally-sourced and unique beers rotate in price every few minutes based on demand. Occasionally the “market crashes” and all the beers get ridiculously cheap for a few minutes. So snag your waiter quickly because everyone tries to order at once.

Cheers to you, Kalamazoo! And when you’re not visiting the breweries, you can use the Shipt app to get your favorite Meijer groceries and alcohol delivered – right to your door!

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