Shipt and Meijer Launch Detroit Grocery Delivery

Local Love: Discovering Detroit with Meijer

Detroit isn’t flashy – but that’s because it wants you to dig deeper.

There’s pride and personality to be found in every crevice, every alley, every corner. Its urban vibe is built on decades of hard work, blending roots with renaissance with a little Motor City swagger thrown in. In a matter of minutes, you can pass by both a glittering 1920’s theater and a family doughnut shop run by hip-hop royalty. From the rich athletic history to the art deco architecture, you unearth a new side of town around every corner.

Shipt and Meijer visiting Fox Theater in Detroit
We’re head over heels for the Fox Theater!


And it only takes a few minutes with a Motor City local to find out how fiercely they love their city and it’s electric charisma. Last week, we celebrated our Detroit grocery delivery launch with Meijer, a local mom-and-pop store that’s grown into an everyday mainstay, by spending quite a few steps (and calories) discovering the city and checking out these six delicious spots that make Detroit’s motor run. And when you’re not out and about in the city, you can now use the Shipt app to get your favorite Meijer groceries delivered – right to your door!

Detroit Belt Art with Shipt
The BELT Detroit


1. The Hudson Cafe
Right in the heart of downtown, this brunch spot has red velvet pancakes as big as your head and a menu filled with both breakfast basics and more indulgent options. And take our word for it: the Very Berry French Toast is worth the nap you’ll have to take afterward.

Local Love_Edits-2
Very Berry French Toast at Hudson Cafe


2. Dilla’s Delights
What do you get when the family of legendary hip-hop producer J Dilla opens a doughnut shop? A groovy, inventive pit stop spinning soulful vinyl and serving up doughnuts with names like McNasty Coconut Macaroon and Cakeboy Chocolate.

Local Love_Edits-66

Our tip: Go as early as you can to avoid the dreaded “sold out” sign.

Local Love_Edits-65

3. The Belt
Turn an average alley into a cultural destination and you get The Belt. Lined with local art installations, inviting twinkle lights and don’t-miss food and drink destinations, this public space full of personality will make you rethink every unassuming alley you see.

Visiting The BELT Detroit
The BELT Detroit

Close to the heart of the city, the BELT was one of our most favorited local gems.

Local Love_Edits-69

4. La Gloria Bakery
Mexicantown’s sweetest spot is an unassuming self-serve bakery with creations like dulce de leche churros and rainbow sprinkle cannoli.

Local Love_Edits-28 (1)

With tray and tongs in hand, you’re invited to stroll La Gloria’s aisles of freshly baked cookies, cakes, and other confections and take your pick straight from the case.

Local Love_Edits-32

5. Slow’s BBQ
Chow down at this local favorite serving tender, slow-cooked meats, home style sides and endless craft beers.

Local Love_Edits-41

We particularly like the atmosphere on the patio as we sipped a can of local beverage alongside a Triple Threat sandwich: a stack of deliciously smoky applewood bacon, pulled pork and ham.

Slows BBQ Triple Threat


6. Detroit Water Ice Factory
At this downtown spot, water ice gets taken up a notch with a roster of playful flavors including Salted Margarita, Motown Mint & the Chips and Bo’s Black Cherry Bordeaux.

Detroit Water Ice Factory | Discovering Detroit with Shipt and Meijer

Whatever flavor you choose, opt for the famous Motown twist: an addition of soft serve ice cream in the bottom and top of your cup.

Detroit Water Ice

Thanks for an awesome time Detroit – we’ve loved getting to know you and look forward to calling the Motor City one of our second homes! We love you and all your local vibes.

And don’t forget, Meijer grocery delivery is now available in the Detroit metro area! Our community of expert shoppers is ready to help simplify your life and make grocery runs a thing of the past. You explore Detroit – because less time at the grocery means more time to do the things you love.


Detroit Grocery Delivery with Meijer

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