Local Love: Experiencing Milwaukee, Wisconsin with Meijer

You can get a pulse on a city by exploring its local watering holes, ice cream shops, and street art. To celebrate our Milwaukee grocery delivery launch with Meijer, a mom-and-pop store that’s grown into an everyday mainstay, we asked a few of the newest Shipt Shoppers to show us around. And we were warned: You can visit Milwaukee, but you might never leave. It’s a great city by a great lake, and people tend to fall in love – we certainly did.

Any place nicknamed the “Brew City” certainly has our attention, but before we get to brews, how about some breakfast?

Miss Katie’s Diner

Miss Katie’s is everything you want from a classic American diner. We heard that Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and President Donald Trump all visited and agree. With bright natural light, cozy jukebox vibes and a not-too-fancy (but satisfying) menu, Katie’s gives a sense of nostalgia that reminds us of breakfast at Grandma’s.

We recommend the corned beef hash or the classic eggs benedict. Dave, a local patron at the diner, suggest we also check out Elsa’s for a burger later. So we did (keep reading!).

The Riverwalk

Next, we wandered the two-mile-long Riverwalk to burn off a few breakfast calories. Right in the heart of downtown, it’s a worthy scenic experience by the water with quick access to some good eats, public art and a Bronze statue of Fonz. We couldn’t resist taking a photo.

Miller Park

Locals are passionate about their Brewers, and Miller Park does not disappoint. It’s a monumental stadium that shows off Milwaukee’s deep love for baseball. We didn’t get to catch a game, but this photo is our promise to go back for some beers and brats very soon.

Milwaukee Swing Park

Sometimes you make travel plans, start exploring, and then a local shares a gem you won’t find online. Those are our favorites, and always worth the adventure. The Holton Street bridge swing park is one of Milwaukee’s hidden gems. Both kids and adults play on the swings, which have all been crafted by local artists from recycled tires. Its vibe is both and industrial and childlike, and it just might be the best part of our day.  

Harley-Davidson Museum

The Harley-Davidson Museum is well worth a visit, and not just if you are a fan of motorcycles. The hands-on exhibits were a thrill. You can actually jump on a bike and shift through the gears with some coaching from the experts. Feeling a Harley rumble under your fingers an experience worth having, even if you don’t ride.


Shoutout to Dave from Katie’s Diner for recommending Elsa’s! We came for a helluva burger, but were pleasantly surprised by its quirky vibe. The classical piano music, rotating art, white tablecloth setting, and unpretentious menu just works. We recommend The Bigger Mac, a modern and satisfying spin on the old classic.

Black Cat Mural Alley

Street art can tell you a lot about a city and the people that live there. The East Side’s Black Cat Mural Alley did not disappoint. It’s huge open-air art gallery full of murals that reminded us a little of The Belt in Detroit. Just look for the iconic 60-foot-wide “glitch frog,” and turn down the unassuming alley. Watch your step for the koi fish street art painted by the famous Jeremy Novy.

Kopp’s Frozen Custard

Ask a local to share one thing to do in Milwaukee if you had to pick just one, and it’s likely that eighty percent would rave about Kopp’s. We try a lot of ice cream. Some of our favorite are here, here, and here. Kopp’s was crave-worthy. The smooth custard and inventive flavors make it a Milwaukee must.


Finally, the beer and a Bloody Mary. Sobelman’s is a Brew Town classic that gets national attention for it’s wild (and delicious) Bloody Marys. We weren’t brave enough to order the gargantuan bacon-wrapped chicken or slider-topped version, but the classic was worthy experience on its own.

See you again soon, Milwaukee! And when you’re not out and about in the city, you can now use the Shipt app to get your favorite Meijer groceries delivered – right to your door!

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