Local Love: Explore the ‘Ham!

Have you heard the exciting news?!

We’re lifting off with Western grocery stores on May 18th. That means the deliverable areas can now expect the same great Shipt service with Western by their side (and in their refrigerators)!

In celebration of such awesomeness, we wanted to spread some local love, so we asked our Birmingham neighbor and friend/ talented illustration extraordinaire, Meghan Stewart to help us out!

We give you… (drumroll, please)
a tour de Birmingham
of some of our favorite spots around town!

Bhamians, you can find a printed map of these spots all around the city on the 18th. Keep an eye out and post/tweet/gram/snap about why you love the Magic City! (And what you’re going to do, while we get your groceries!)

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  1. Give your eyes a break and take in the beauty at the Birmingham Museum of Art.
  2. Catch a classic film or a symphony of sounds at the Alabama Theatre. Recently restored, the Lyric Theater is all history, elegance and culture.
  3. Get lost in Reed Books and The Museum of Fond Memories.
  4. Caffeinate in style at the sleek and modern Revelator Coffee. They roast their beans in a renovated old warehouse on 20th!
  5. Have a ball with the Barons at Regions Field. Just down the street, hang out at Good People Brewing. Their name doesn’t disappoint!
  6. Railroad Park, Birmingham’s urban playground. Take a Zyp bike for a ride, read a book on the “docks,” or picnic while watching the trains rumble by. (Snap a quintessential Birmingham selfie at the Rainbow Tunnels nearby!)
  7. Go on a tour de cool homes in Highland Park. How many historic homes can you spot? (Extra points for every cute puppy you see!)
  8. Swing by Pepper Place Farmers Market on Saturday. Go hungry, leave happy!
  9. Sip in style at Collins Bar, and take in the glorious Periodic Table of Birmingham.
  10. Hankering for a pizza and a mean salad? Post Office Pies! (Beer cocktails for everyone!)
  11. Hang out at Saturn for out-of-this-world coffee and stellar concerts, or take a blast to the past on their Nintendos and board games.
  12. Are we in Portland or Brooklyn? Nope, just Woodlawn Cycle Cafe. Bicycle not required, love of coffee and tasty bites encouraged!
  13. Cure what ails your record-seeking heart at Seasick Records.
  14. Carrigan’s, the land of patio sipping, hipster corndogs and seasonal, special pub fare.
  15. Rummage grandma’s closet at Zoe’s in Forest Park. Vintage goods galore!
  16. Find your inner bookworm and read a picture book, while eating a Breakup Cookie at Church Street Coffee and Books.
  17. Skip the jog, and stroll through the Botanical Gardens. It’s massive! (Don’t miss the cactus room and the Japanese garden!)
  18. Drive to Vulcan Park or Straford Rd S, and soak in the skyline. Don’t forget your camera!
  19. Cool off with the best popsicles in town at Steel City Pops.
  20. For the best barbecue in Birmingham, look no further than Saw’s!

Honorable Mentions

  • Walk, run, bike, or even cartwheel on, the Rotary Trail, Birmingham’s greenway through downtown.
  • Urban Standard, where coffee and community meets lunch and pastries. Eclairs, donuts and scones, oh my!
  • Take a bite out of Paris with a chocolate croissant and coffee at Continental Bakery. The art, the bread, the colors, the bread! (Sister restaurant, Chez Lulu, next door is a portal to all that is French and délicieux!)
  • Dine farm-to-table the Birmingham way at Ollie Irene.
  • Our family fun favorite? The McWane Science Center! Don’t miss the Sky Bike and Itty Bitty Magic City.
  • Arcade games, burgers and brews can’t be beat at Paramount.
  • Get to know Birmingham’s past at the Civil Rights Institute. Understand the present; get excited for the future.
  • Didn’t know Birmingham was so hilly did you? See how our mountain hikes fair at Ruffner
  • Discover funky fun antiques, gadgets, art and more. Discover What’s on 2nd.
  • Parkside, Birmingham’s cozy gem of neighborhood bars is a must. Venture the back patio for Hotbox, their airstream food truck that serves up the best Asian Fusion in town!
  • Get to know the Iron City at Sloss Furnaces. Who’s pumped for Sloss Fest?!
  • Rock out and get your climb on at 1st Ave Rocks.
  • Get your shuffleboard on with Moscow Mules in hand at 41st Street Pub.
  • Explore Samford University‘s campus.  We hear the courtyards around the library and Reid Chapel are pretty neat!

Whether you’re a native to the city or wandering through for the first time, we’re so glad you’re here.

We love the Magic City!

You go explore, we’ll get the groceries.

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