Local Love: #KeepAustinWeird 8 Places to Get Caffeinated

We’re launching in Austin on July 20th!

So let’s talk coffee. In honor of this awesome occasion, we’re exploring some of our favorite coffee spots in the city.

1. Cuvée Coffee

This coffee spot is just so cool (and we’re not just talking about the temperature). Boasting their own Black & Blue nitro cold brew, it’s the perfect spot to settle in and sit back.


They serve up drinks that have horchata mixed in and Austin’s own Kosmic Kombucha, for those looking for alternative refreshments.


Don’t go looking to do work here, because they don’t have wifi. Grab a friend, a book or a journal, and unplug for a bit. Or do what we did and look around at the beauty that is Cuvée.


2. Blue Cat Coffee

This is an Austin must! Especially if you adore furry feline friends. Blue Cat is a cafe/cat adoption center where you can sip on coffee and pet free-roaming cats too!


Note: There’s a small fee to enter that goes toward taking care of the cats.
Blue Cat is actually the first and only cat cafe in Austin, and they work with local animal charities to find home for the city’s strays.


You can also get tacos (Austin = tacos), sandwiches and cat dogs! If you’re not feeling hungry, at least get a snap of this amazing pizza-filled cat-ffiti behind the cafe. Purrr-fect!


3. Cenote Cafe

Cenote is well-loved by Austin, and we understand why. It’s cozy and almost cave-like compared to the sun-soaked summer world outside. The over-grown patio and historic house transport us to a quieter, more contemplative time.


Plug in and disappear into a corner, or cuddle up with friends. This place was made for all the conversations and shared meals (yes, tacos, couscous curry and andouille mac & cheese!)


P.s. They have an awesome wine and beer selection, but try their housemade iced chai. It’s something we’ll definitely be back for.


4. Seventh Flag Coffee

Tucked into South Austin, South Flag’s mottos are “All Welcome All Ways” and “Our Country of Friends,” and they live by them! Stop by this quaint shop for some of the friendliest faces and most delicious cups of coffee around town.


5. Jo’s Coffee

We love all of S Congress, but Jo’s has got to be the best place to grab a cup of Jo (and a taco) and do some prime-time people watching.


The covered patio is pup-friendly, and it has fans to keep cool with the perfect amount of summer warmth.


Also, make sure to swing by their Downtown Austin location for some of the best brews and burgers in the city!


6. TOMS Roasting Co. Coffee

Did you know that TOMS has their own coffee? That’s right. Comfy shoes aren’t all they’re known for.


Their S Congress Cafe feels communal and cozy. It’s practically made for lounging and sipping on the roasty toasty stuff. All the feel good vibes!


7. Bennu Coffee

When we hear coffee and 24/7 used in the same sentence, all bets are off. The amount of times we looked to Bennu for wifi and caffeination is worth a medal.


The local art and mismatched furniture are enough to make anyone feel at home, but we loved how familial everyone was. The baristas feel like family, and the coffee, well, is perfect.

With little prodding, our go-to’s became the cinnamon roll and The Raven, a mocha made with dark chocolate. A caffeinated sugar rush with well-worn seating and lamp lighting is a winning combination.


8. Elizabeth Street Cafe

We’ve already called out this bright little eatery, but we have to give it another shout out!


Not only do they brew Stumptown coffee, you can get that with a side of buttery croissants, gorgeous pastries and delicate macaroons, all made in-house.


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