Local Love: 12 Must-do’s in Houston!

Have you been to Houston in the summertime?

It’s sort of amazing. The colors, flavors and sights! It just feels right that we’ll be launching in Houston on June 29th! You heard us; we’ll be landing in Houston, Tx on June 29!!! (commence mental dance boogie!)

In honor of such a momentous occasion, we explored some of our favorite spots in the city. We could write a novel on all the best places in the sprawling city, but here are just a few!



1. Breakfast Klub

The Best Breakfast in Houston!!! Ya know, if Wings and Waffles or Katfish and Grits are your sort of thing.


The line at this heavenly breakfast spot is always out the door, but we promise, it’s worth the wait (plus the service is friendly and fast!).


2. Catalina Coffee

We like coffee. Okay, we love coffee. And luckily so does Houston! Over and over, Catalina is the place we were told to get caffeinated.


Find Sinfull Bakery vegan baked goods and more in this art-studded, cozy haven.


3. Boomtown Coffee

Tucked in the colorful Houston Heights neighborhood is Boomtown Coffee. Not only was it a cool shelter from the sun, they also boast delicious tacos and sammies!


We fell in love with the quirks of this cafe. Not to mention, they proudly host Kickin’ Kombucha!


Brewed and bottled in Houston, this stuff packs a refreshing, crisp and naturally-energizing punch!


4. Tout Suite

Tout Suite is an airy cafe that serves up plates all day highlighting Houston’s best local ingredients. Toasts, snacks, all farm fresh galore!


Their gorgeous juices caught our eye. With seasonal ingredients and unique combinations for every palate, our juices were full of flavor and started our day on the right, vibrant note!


5. Onion Creek

This coffeehouse, bar and lounge is one of four “creek” restaurants that serves up some amazing neighborhood eats.


Get anything from a matcha green tea latte to your favorite brew on tap with a trio of dips or a burger.


Everything was fresh and full of Texas flavor. And you better bet that we’ll be back for brunch on the patio! Breakfast Pizza and Maple Chicken, yes please.


6. Local Foods

We’re still dreaming of the colorful and bright Local Foods.


Anywhere that greets us with crates of local produce has our vote. Not only that, each menu item is so carefully mixed and crafted to create the most flavorful sandwiches and salads.


Get the Summer Harvest salad (pictured above) while you can, with a glass of smooth and balanced House Honey Coffee.


Did we mention they brew their own kombucha? We’re crazy for this stuff!


7. Gelazzi

Oh Gelazzi. Let’s just pretend they don’t have every flavor you could ever hope for, from Donut to Lemon Ricotta to Blackberry and beyond. Let’s also pretend that we didn’t taste every flavor possible… Because that would leave us with no room for a scoop…


But let’s be real. With gelato this authentic and a summer so hot, we could’ve stayed here all day. And yes, they have a vegan selection.


Pause for a moment of reflection (and prepare yourself for perfectly sweet and smooth gelato).



8. Discovery Green

In the heart of Downtown Houston, we came across Discovery Green, a 12-acre urban park that is pretty hard to pass by.


This place is an urban playground for children and adults alike. The park has two restaurants, patio areas, fountains, gardens and works of art everywhere.


It has its own lake too! You can actually kayak and paddle board on Kinder Lake!


Keep an eye out for pieces like Synchronicity of Color (pictured above), art carts (where you can actually rent play equipment for free!), the Listening Vessels, the Mist Tree, the reading rooms and more!

9. Rothko Chapel

For art lovers, explorers and seekers of peaces, the Rothko Chapel is a must. Housing 14 murals that Mark Rothko created, the chapel is world-renowned as a sanctuary for meditation and space for peaceful contemplation. We were happy to find that photography wasn’t allowed. This is something to be entirely experienced and thoughtfully remembered.


10. 19th Street

Sometimes, city exploration just takes parking and walking. 19th Street in Houston Heights is exactly the place to do that. There’s something funky, bohemian and antique for everyone with themed cafes and eateries tucked in between.


[Houston has some of the best street art. Sorry, we’re not sorry. You are beautiful, Houston!]


11. The James Turrell Skyspace

Housed on Rice University’s campus sits the other-worldly James Turrell Skyspace. At sunrise and sunset, this art installation begins a composition of lights that compliment the surrounding natural light.


As the sun rises or sets, the lights change slowly while you sit on slanted benches so that you can gaze upward comfortably.


It’s completely free, and the duration of the show sequence varies on the time of day and season!


12. Sugar and Cloth Color Wall

Created by the blogger Sugar & Cloth, this wall is famous for its vibrant hues and gram-able views. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to skip around an industrial-sized rainbow!


Just try to get in front of this wall and not feel like you’re five years old again!


Gosh, we just couldn’t get enough of Houston. And we can’t flipping wait to launch there on June 29th!!!

Ready for lift off in T-5 days!!!

photos by Gina Yu ©2016

See you then, Houston. We love you!

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