Local Love: Shine on San Antonio!

We’re buzzing with excitement Shipt family!

On May 25th, we’re launching in San Antonio with H-E-B stores! The first city of many in the great state of Texas.

In celebration of such awesomeness, we wanted to celebrate the sunny city by loving on some of our favorite local places. We gathered intel, called up some of our fantastic native shoppers and set foot to San Antonio.


The Alamo, a quintessential San Antonio stop had us thinking of the famous battle and soaking in the historical beauty of the church as it stands today. Remember the Alamo!


This stretch of water is shaded by trees and filled with vibrant colors and delicious food galore. We loved strolling The Riverwalk and experiencing the San Antonio landmark that travelers flock to!


Pearl is an area we just couldn’t stay away from. Formerly a brewery dating back to 1883, it’s now a thriving neighborhood with unique restaurants, boutiques and visual variety. San Antonio’s revitalization efforts are so clear here, and we’re just excited to get to be in such a city!


In the heart of Pearl is Local Coffee. It’s cozy yet industrial with the perfect amount of seating choices indoors and out (stools, couches, benches for all our caffeinating desires!).

localcoffeeThey have iced coffee on tap, along with a case of sweet treats!

localcoffee2The pop tarts were our favorite! With just the right sweetness with a soft but crunchy crust, they had us feeling nostalgic.


Based in Austin, Lick, just a stroll from Local Coffee, filled all of our cold treat cravings with flavors like Goat Cheese, Thyme & Honey, Roasted Beets & Fresh Mint, Toffee Dunked Donut, and Lady Bird Lavender Crisp.  


They’re all about “honest ice creams” with local dairy and produce from farms close by. All toppings, syrups and more are cooked up in their kitchen. Truly farm-to-cone, done right!


We took a break from coffee and sweets (for a second) and popped over to La Gloria, because any place that translates to “the heavens” has our vote.


Their queso fundido with chorizo and peppers is a must (especially with the prickly pear margaritas!).


From molcajetes to tacos to tlayudas (Mexican pizza) to sopes, tostadas, coconut flan and more, we’ll be back to this divine eatery. Don’t forget to get the elote (or as our SA friends say, corn in a cup!)


For breakfast, we were craving something wholesome, so to Green we went! The bowls, salad, even burgers, and more had even our meat-loving friends feeling green with the vibrant vegetarian cuisine.


Post morning feasting, we explored and wandered, stumbling across the famous San Antonio mural. Normally it would read, “I love tacos so much,” a play on the “I love you so much,” in Austin, but post game day, this Spurs variation feels so right. Go Spurs!!!


Okay, back to caffeine and sweets! (How many cups of coffee does it take to fuel a MotherShipt?) Bakery Lorraine, we heard we must go, and we discovered a cafe that transported us to Europe with its soft light and cozy interior. They had macaroons, breads, tarts and more. 


One winning combination? An artful latte paired with an Earl Grey eclair. Who said coffee and tea don’t go together…


The Alamo Beer Company began brewing in 2014, and they champion the first beer named “Alamo” in the Alamo City since the Prohibition of 1919. So of course, we took part in history by drinking in some of Texas’ finest and most refreshing!


Historic Market Square/ El Mercado had us feeling all the San Antonio feels. 


The colors, textures, sights and souvenirs!


Mi Tierra Cafe at the Historic Market boasted Mexican candies, breads and of course, traditional fare in an amazing, vibrant setting. Every room was like a different party!

mi tierraAnd if you aren’t hungry (which when are you not?), at the very least, swing by to witness the art and glory of Mi Tierra. And take a bag of handcrafted candies and pastries to-go!


GS 1221 was a necessary last stop. At this “Beer with Discipline” growler station, we sat back, sipped slow and enjoyed their sunny patio with pours recommended by the knowledgable staff.


San Antonio, you are beautiful. You are filled with art, history, wonder and surprise. And we are in love.


We can’t wait to see you in San Antonio, Shipters!

Photos by Gina Yu ©2016

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