I Love My Mom Because… [straight from the heart of HQ]

We could never express all the reasons that we love our moms. 

Because, your mom, my mom, our moms are Superheros.
Magicians. Navigators. Trailblazers.
Healers. Warriors. Cheerleaders.
Inspirers. Hard workers. Storytellers.
Artists. Chefs. Builders.
Gardeners. Peacemakers. Pillars.
Sacrificers. Laugh-makers. Supporters.
Jokers. Huggers. Snugglers.
Cuddlers. Encouragers. Fighters.

So, we sat and thought about how we could show these amazing women just how important and great they are. And well, we started with, “thank you.”

Thank you, mom. For all that you have done and continue to do. Thank you for your sacrifices and strength. Thank you for this life and for the life you bring to this world. Thank you for being you, mom. We love you. 

Aaand then we came up with a few more ideas!
We got our social media maven and illustrating magician, Angel, to help us out.


TA-DA! Let’s give mom something different this year.

PlantPlant a garden with her…or even, for her! One of our staffers sat her mom down with a cup of tea while her and her husband planted a small backyard garden for her.

LetterRevive the lost art of the written word. Nothing feels sweeter than a penned letter. Encouraged for far-away family!

HugJust because you know she is. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t need to hear it. Tell her how awesome she is and give her a hug. And repeat, times infinity.


Crafty or not! DIY is for all.
For the mom who spent all those nights helping you with super glue and cardboard projects, show her how far you’ve come!

PhotoThis is a favorite of ours!
Get your siblings, grown-up pup and a tricycle, and get nostalgic.
Or make it a family affair and have the props ready for you mom to join in on.


Send her groceries for the week (flowers, cakes, treats galore!), or get her a membership that keeps on delivering (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Don’t miss out on this Mother’s Day deal: $20 off every membership you gift!

So… how are you going to celebrate mom this year?

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