March is National Peanut Month!

It’s National Peanut Month, and the Southerner in me has always been head-over-heels for this quintessentially Southern snack food. Peanuts remind me of family trips down to the Emerald Coast, getting sidetracked for boiled peanuts sold along the road and porch-sitting on a hot summer’s afternoon, taking swigs of chilled Coca Cola in glass bottles with peanuts floating on top.

I’m not alone in thinking that peanut butter reigns supreme as the ultimate peanut product and classic pantry staple. It’s an essential here at HQ, and we want to share a couple of our favorite peanut butter recipes with you!


The Elvis Sandwich – An upgrade from the classic PB&J, the Elvis consists of peanut butter, sliced or mashed banana, and bacon (optional). The King of Rock N’ Roll had a burnin’ love for this sandwich combo. Turn up the volume on yum and grill the sandwich over medium heat for three minutes on each side until golden brown.



Peanut Butter Balls – A quick, easy and decadent treat. Prep these for a holiday party or for a cozy night in, and let guests choose their own toppings. 



Thai Peanut Sauce – International cooking is now made super simple with pantry staples! Use this versatile sauce for dipping grilled meats and veggies, or toss it with noodles for a quick lunch or dinner!


Order all the peanuts and peanut butter your legume-loving heart desires via Shipt!

Give these recipes a try and share your photos with us.
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photos by Gina Yu ©2016

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