Meet Coral: the Shipt Shopper Behind the Big Sunglasses and Tiny Car

She’s known for her big sunglasses, her big bottle of water, her big sack of apples, and her tiny car (a white and checkered Mini Cooper to be exact). But that’s not all: Shipt shopper Coral A. is known for her big smile and her signature high-fives she gives to fellow Shipt shoppers and members whenever she greets them. We sat down with Coral to learn more about the smiling Shipt shopper behind the big sunglasses.

Before she became a Shipt shopper, Coral was a pastry chef, a restaurant manager, a fish scooper, a photographer’s assistant, a PTA president, a waitress, a cook, a substitute teacher, and a surrogate. “I’m a serial helper,” she says, a quality that’s apparent the very first time you meet her.

Coral became a Shipt shopper after her husband changed careers to become a full-time fitness trainer nearly two years ago. “I stepped up to find a job where I could work more than full time, to allot him as much freedom as possible,” she says. She quickly grew to love the scheduling flexibility at Shipt, the ability to work as much as she can, or as little as she’d like, depending on the needs of her family.

In her nearly two years as a Shipt shopper in Savannah, GA, Coral’s collected dozens of heart-felt stories that have fueled her passion for helping others. “I love how we touch each other: the struggling families, desperate for more time with each other; the shoppers struggling with their identities, desperate to find a sense of self in our society; sharing an avocado with a store employee who hasn’t seen their family in Mexico in years,” she says, adding that, “This job feeds my soul every single day.”   

Though Coral admits to a competitive disposition, her competitiveness drives her internally rather than against other people. “How can I do this better? How can I be more efficient?” are questions she continually asks herself. Consistency is key in so many ways in this role, but it doesn’t mean we need to be set in our ways. “When people ask for tips and pointers, I gladly offer up how I do things, though I ask other shoppers just as often how they do things.” Coral’s belief that when we collaborate, when we work as a team, we all benefit, which ultimately benefits our members, our most important customers.

Coral has built an extended family out of the Shipt shoppers in the Savannah area by organizing get-togethers and social events, such as at Savannah’s St. Patrick’s Parade — the second largest in the country. “Some truly great shoppers really benefit from a helping hand (myself included), whether it’s day 1 or day 100 of being a Shipt shopper. These get-togethers are honey pots of knowledge. It’s so nice to see all our faces and to share our shopper stories,” she says with a smile.

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