Motherhood Just Got (Even More) Real

Let’s face it, these are wild times. If you’re anything like us, pajamas have become acceptable daywear, cereal is a suitable dinner, and the kids are probably logging way more screen time than you would like. 

Our daily lives have been reshaped – and turned upside down – in more ways than we ever could have imagined. Us moms, in particular, are suddenly tasked with balancing motherhood and working from home – or on the front lines – while moonlighting as substitute teachers, camp counselors, short-order cooks, and mediators of conflicts like “whose turn is next?”

This Mother’s Day, instead of glossing over the challenges of juggling it all, we want to celebrate the chaos and the moments of joy that shine through it all. We’re inviting moms across the Shipt community to share your ‘Real Mom Moments.’ You know: those small victories, the glorious fails, and the moments of survival to keep your families happy and healthy. 

Post your Real Mom Moment, include a picture or video, and tag @shipt on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for a chance to win a $50 Shipt credit and to be featured on our social channels. You could be one of 7 lucky moms randomly selected to win. Check out our official contest rules here. 

Here are some of our favorite Real Mom Moments from Shipt HQ and Shipt Shopper moms:

So to all the working-from-home moms, essential worker moms, new moms, cool moms, grandmoms, superhero moms, and super tired moms – we’re all in this together.  

For more Mother’s Day inspiration and fun activities to celebrate with mom, continue to check back here and follow us on social.

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