New Features: Reorder in One Tap & Manage Buy Again

Shop Past Orders in Seconds

Have you ever wanted to magically copy and paste your shopping cart with zero time and effort? Now you can. Just tap the Orders tab in the app to take a stroll down memory lane. To add the items from a past order to your current cart, tap Add to cart.


Whether you want weekly staples, your favorite products, or to relive a great delivery from the past, this feature helps you easily repeat your orders. And of course, you can also add or remove items from your cart. It’s the best of both worlds – making shopping more efficient than ever.

Manage and Remove Buy Again Items

The Buy Again section in your My Items tab lets you effortlessly search, browse, and add favorite items – no more searching through the entire catalog for your favorite coffee creamer.

But we know sometimes it can get cluttered in there. Good news – you can now remove Buy Again items so it’s easier to find exactly what you want, and nothing you don’t.

To remove an item, tap the My Items tab at the bottom of your app, choose Buy Again, tap Edit, and select the delete symbol for the product you’d like to remove.

buy again feature | shipt app update

You’ll still be able to see any products you removed from Buy Again under Show Removed Items and in your Order History. Don’t worry, that sweet and salty snack mix you bought on a whim will be there when your craving strikes again.

Want to try these features out for yourself? Download the Shipt app in the App Store or Google Play.

Behind the scenes, our product team is continuing to bring you new feature updates and improvements that will make your next Shipt experience even easier and more delightful. What other features can help streamline your shopping? 

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