New: Remove products from Buy Again

One of our most requested features yet has launched in the Shipt app – you can now remove items from the Buy Again section of your My Items tab. 

If you were feeling a sense of clutter with various one-time purchase products taking up coveted spots in your Buy Again section, you are not alone. We’ve created a way for you to clean up that precious real estate and easily update those items you’re likely to buy again and again. To remove an item, select the My Items tab at the bottom of your app, choose Buy Again, tap Edit, and select the delete symbol for the product you’d like to remove

buy again feature | shipt app update

With an edited Buy Again section, you can effortlessly search, browse, and add your favorite items from one place – no more searching through the entire catalog for your favorite coffee creamer. Sweet, sweet efficiency. While this feature is only in the app, it will soon be available on Don’t have the app? Download today in the App Store or Google Play

Now, products removed from your Buy Again will be listed under Show Removed Items and listed in your Order History. Don’t worry, that sweet and salty snack mix you bought on a whim will be there when your craving strikes again. 

Behind the scenes, our product team is continuing to bring you new feature updates and improvements that will make your next Shipt experience even easier and more delightful. What other features can help streamline your shopping? Let us know in the comments below.

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