New: The Deals tab brings all your deals together

If you’ve used the Shipt app lately, you may have noticed an extra tab at the bottom named Deals. And if curiosity led you to tap on it (good call), you would’ve been rewarded with our shiny new Deals page and all the deals inside.

Like its name suggests, the deals tab was created for a simple reason: to help you save as much money, as easily as possible. In one tap, discover all active deals in a store, including coupons, on sale items, and exclusive offers. 

Want to see deals on your Buy Again items? Now they’re all in one place under Deals on Items You Buy in the Deals tab. So you can spend less money and time on getting the things you need. You’re welcome.

This update was made possible by great feedback from Shipt members and shoppers. We’re excited to finally provide a way to find all the savings in one easy-to-access place. 

So whether you want to see deals on your favorite cereal, browse produce specials, or just love bargain hunting, the Deals tab is your new one-stop place to shop. Check it out today and let us know what you think (and how much money you saved) in the comments below.

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