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On-demand Grocery Delivery: Florida Expansion Continues

You Asked, We Delivered: Florida Expansion Continues

At Shipt, our team focuses on responding rapidly to orders, questions and customer ideas. Many people have experienced our rapid response rate through our lightning-fast Shoppers delivering fresh groceries to your door, while other have chatted with us via social media. No matter how you’ve interacted with us, we hope that our commitment to responsiveness is clear.

When we say, “on demand,” we don’t just mean customer service and grocery delivery, though – it is also an integral part of our expansion strategy. Need proof? Let’s jump down to the great state of Florida for a brief case study.

Just over a month ago, we started launching Shipt on-demand grocery delivery in Tampa, Orlando and South Florida. As many of you know (especially our Florida customers), the response was overwhelmingly positive. In fact, the response was so intense that an entire article was authored about the level of demand in Tampa – thankfully, we solved the spike in demand by hiring hundreds of additional Shoppers ☺

As we settled in to our new Florida markets, we started receiving a variety of comments and suggestions from Shipt customers and fans on social media. Some folks shared stories about the #ShiptLife; others shared photos of their favorite Shoppers and grocery items. The most interesting set of comments, though? “Hey, bring Shipt to my city!”

Specifically, folks started asking us to launch grocery delivery in Sarasota and Jacksonville. As we started receiving more and more requests, our team sat back and reflected on our commitment to responsiveness…

After reflecting (and drinking a few more cups of coffee), we looked at each other and said, “Well, it looks like it’s time to bring on-demand grocery delivery to Sarasota and Jacksonville!” Now, we’re launching in both cities in October and hiring another round of Shoppers throughout the region. Pretty exciting stuff.

So, if you’re hoping to see Shipt come to your city, keep in mind that our responsive team is closely watching and listening to our social media channels, emails and carrier pigeons (note: slight delay on carrier pigeon response times). We’re watching so closely, that we might even select our next launch city based on the comments below. Who knows?


  1. Susan Hunter

    Port Charlotte, Fl would be an excellent market for Shipt. We have a huge amount if Senior Citizens that are unable to (or shouldn’t be … LOL) driving and a severely limited County-operated transportation system. We are not a tourist town, more of snowbird destination, and this program would benefit both ends of our demographics..the elderly and the job market. Please add us to the list. Thank you


      Hi, Karla! Thank you for the feedback. We will definitely look into your area in the future!

  2. Liz

    I am so happy to hear you are now coming to my city Dec 10. I have been waiting for this here in Stuart , Fl.

  3. Amanda Cochran

    Curious if the Sarasota area would reach as far as Rotonda West. My grandparents live just 5 minutes from a Publix and as a member I would love to be able to send them groceries or something special for a holiday meal. Plus, they are both in their late 80s and neither of them should be driving. This would be a great option for them to become members.

  4. Maggie Downing

    We visit Bradenton every winter and are close to Anna Maria island. Having delivery service when we arrive would be great! Please consider our area.


      That would be awesome, Pat! What is your zip code? We can put in a request for you.


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