Women in Tech: How Shipt Stacks Up

Since 1978, the term “glass ceiling” has been used to describe the invisible barrier that prevents women from progressing in their careers as quickly or easily as their male counterparts. Certain industries like the technology industry are especially skewed toward male success.  As a part of the booming technology industry, we feel a strong responsibility […]

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Cooking Together: JaMel’s Seafood Gumbo

It simply doesn’t get any better than a warming bowl of gumbo heavy with shrimp, hunks of sausage – and a hit of bold Gulf Coast spices. For HQ Experience Team Commander JaMel D. and his Dad, Frank D., it’s a dish best served alongside cornbread (for dipping, of course), potato salad, and family gathered […]

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5 Soulful Recipes That You’ll Want to Make on Repeat

From savory cornbread dressing to sticky-sweet orange rolls, consider this a Black History Month virtual potluck – and all of the favorites are here. With the help of our HQ teammates, we rounded up recipes (and food memories) that embrace tradition, culture, and, of course, soul.  If you try your hand at making one of these […]

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From the Shipt Kitchen: Red Velvet Cake

You can’t go wrong with a classic like Red Velvet Cake. If you’ve ever tasted it, you know its appeal is multilayered. From its beautiful deep red hue and chocolatey sweetness to the rich cream cheese icing, red velvet is the answer when you’re craving cake.  Got a lot of birthdays on the horizon? Be […]

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From the Shipt Kitchen: Lemon Pound Cake

Every home cook needs a go-to dessert in their repertoire that’s easy, impressive, and, most of all, delicious. This classic iced pound cake should be yours. Every soft bite is layered with hints of lemon and silky sweet icing.  Bake up this traditional treat and enjoy a thick slice with a dollop of cream or […]

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From the Shipt Kitchen: Classic Meatloaf

Meatloaf is one of those love/hate main dishes. To the detractors, we’re here to prove you wrong. This comforting recipe elevates the classic with a flavor-boosting trick: bake with strips of bacon on top. Whip up this comforting classic, then slice up a piece with a side of garlic mashed potatoes – if you’re us.  […]

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From the Shipt Kitchen: J.C.’s Anytime Cornbread Dressing

Fluffy, fragrant, and savory, cornbread dressing is serious business, especially around the holidays – or dinnertime on Sunday. This Southern-style favorite is more than a side dish; when done right, this golden-brown dressing is dinner’s main event.  In a pinch, use store-bought cornbread (we won’t tell anyone) to make this recipe extra easy.  J.C.’s Anytime […]

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