Food for Thought: The Layered History of Sandwiches

Happy National Sandwich Month! This timeless lunchtime favorite comes in many shapes and sizes, but have you ever wondered how this glorious creation came to be? Us, too! The exact history of the sandwich can be tricky to pin down, but there are a few key moments that led to the entrée we know and […]

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The School Supply List You Need

From locker lights to leakproof lunch boxes, we’ve compiled a list of school supply essentials that your kids will love. They’re both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. Prepare to win the parent of the year award when you present these picks to your choosy teens and toddlers. Back to Basics We did it. We found […]

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Handpicked Horoscopes: August Edition

It’s Leo season, folks! Time to primp, prep, and embrace your bold side. Put your passions first and you’ll reap the rewards, all month long.  Get your full monthly horoscope. Plus, in honor of National Sandwich Month,  try something new and revamp your go-to sandwich with a special topping, picked just for you.  Leo  All […]

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Back to School Recipes: Muffin Veggie and Chicken Pot Pies 

For a no-fuss dinner, look no further than these mini pot pies. They’re filled with protein and veggies (and a little cheese!) for a healthy meal prep option. Muffin Veggie and Chicken Pot Pies  Ingredients 1 package premade pie crust dough  For the filling 1 onion, finely chopped  2 cloves of garlic  2 carrots, finely […]

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Back to School Recipes: Taco Bowls with Veggie Chili

The perfect after-school comfort food, these taco bowls with veggie chili will be everyone’s new fave. Bonus: They’re filled with fiber and nutrients (and deliciousness)! Taco Bowls with Veggie Chili  Ingredients  For veggie chili:  1 red bell pepper, chopped 1 green bell pepper, chopped  2 white onions, diced 2 sweet potatoes, chopped  1 teaspoon ground […]

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Back to School Recipes: Mini Tortilla Pizzas

Delightfully cheesy and perfectly saucy, these tortilla pizzas will please the pickiest eater. The best part? They’re on the table in 10 minutes. A+! Mini Tortilla Pizzas  Ingredients  1 pack of flour tortillas  1 jar of marinara sauce 1 package fresh mozzarella 1 jar Kalamata olives 1 package grape tomatoes 1 red onion  Basil, to […]

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3 Easy Weeknight Back-to-School Recipes

Back-to-school season means it’s time to get back to routine. Cue simple weeknight meals and meal prep to save time – these 3 simple recipes are great for both. Today we’re making Mini Tortilla Pizzas (bonus recipe: pre-made calzones), Taco Bowls with Veggie Chili, and Muffin Veggie and Chicken Pot Pies. See how to make […]

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