Valentine’s Day: The Day of Appreciation

I have always loved Valentine’s day. I’m a sucker for those chalky candy hearts that say, “Be mine” and “XOXO.” And I secretly love those cheesy commercials with puppies and acoustic guitar in the background with words that float across the screen with something ridiculous like, “Show your love in diamonds.” But that’s the thing. Why […]

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Victory! #MissysMealChallenge

Hey Shipters! Two weeks ago, we challenged you to join Missy on her mission to cook one day and eat all week. Pre-challenge Prep “The idea of being able to prepare/prep dinner for my family in one sitting has been an idea that has interested me for a while now,” Missy said. “With my house […]

Don’t Miss a Play This Year #GameDayGrub

Don’t miss a single play this year. Shipt is here! We’re gearing up for the Big Game! Snacks, meat, grill, charcoal, Cam Newton… We’re happy to help you cover all the essentials this year, starting with the snacks.  Snacks are easy to reach and perfect for the nervous eater. They go well with good brews and […]

Shipt Shoppers Stories in Tampa!

Part of what fuels us here at Shipt is the fact that we have such a strong community. We have the incredible honor of not only serving our members but also providing opportunities for shoppers. We get to help people reclaim the time that they would spend in a car or in line at the […]

Happy Beer Can Appreciation Day!

These days, there’s a holiday for everything. And we can’t complain! Everyday is a day to celebrate something, and who could hate that? National Disc Jockey Day, Hugging Day, Fig Newton Day, Rubber Duckey Day, Hot Pastrami Day, Step in the Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day (really), the list never ends! Yesterday happened to be […]

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Pointing Out Why to Use Grocery Delivery in the Triangle

Why did Shipt launch grocery delivery in the Triangle? Let’s get to the point – well, three points is more appropriate since we’re talking triangles. We calculated the top three ways you can spend your time when you use Shipt to start delivering your groceries. 1. Spend time with family. Family is important, we get it. At […]

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