Resolutions and Roasted Vegetables

Start this year fresh with a bowl of roasted veggies and self-love. There’s something about the concept of “new” that is so kind. New feels generous, to yourself and the world around you. New looks like intention and prioritizing. New sounds like second chances and revitalized ambition, (it also sounds like hot, bubbling coffee and […]

Simplicity in South Carolina

Once again, we find ourselves in college football rivalry territory with our newest launch city, Columbia, SC. Thankfully, we can all agree on one thing (actually, two things) – grocery shopping is a pain and grocery delivery is a necessity. Although the Gamecocks are football foes with many in our Alabama headquarters, we have to take […]

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Spotted: Shipt Green Shirts in Greenville

Here at Shipt, we’re known for two things – on-demand grocery delivery and taking over local grocery stores with Shoppers clad in our famous green Shipt t-shirts. Seen here are the world-famous green shirts in their natural habitat. If you’re wondering where you may run into our Shipt shirt-clad Shoppers, we’ve pulled together a list […]

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Grocery Delivery Meets the Buckeye State

As the holiday decorations come down and the New Year’s resolutions begin to fall apart, the Shipt launch team is getting ready to simplify lives across the Midwest. That’s right, this week we launched in Columbus, our first Ohio market. As difficult as it is to admit, we recognize that one of the coolest things […]

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Grocery Delivery Leaping into Chattanooga

As we get ready to close the books on 2015, the Shipt launch team is preparing to bring the simplicity and convenience of grocery delivery to the good folks of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Considering the fact that Nashville was our second launch city, it almost feels like we’re coming full circle by returning to the Appalachian […]

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