If you’re harboring some serious guilt over your junk food indulgences, there’s good news! These junk foods can actually be good for you. The better news: soon you can have them delivered right to your door! Check out shipt.com for more info. Pork Rinds A 1-ounce serving of pork rinds has zero carbs, 17 g […]

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3 Tips and Tricks for Snow Day Hopefuls

Growing up in Birmingham, AL. I remember crossing my fingers the night before snow was predicted, praying to the snow gods that they blanket our little town and keep us out of school. More often than not, I was disappointed. For all the kids out there that are crossing their fingers today, and for all […]

New things.

New things are happening here every day, ideas bouncing around like a Pin Ball machine. We have a few whiteboard walls at the office and every day more and more arrows, bulleted lists, question marks and exclamation points are added. You should see them- a mixture of mad scientist/inventor and detective, all just new ideas. […]

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What is Shipt?

“Wait, so… what exactly do you guys do?” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked this. I have my own little monologue that I run through as a response, could probably say it in my sleep. But still, I’m not sure people always understand what our goal is. So instead of giving […]

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