A Serious Side Hustle. I’m a Shipt Shopper.


“A way to make some extra cash that allows you flexibility to pursue what you’re most interested in.” If you Google “what is a side hustle?,” that’s the result you get.

We think you should also see Derek’s picture, one of our Shipt Shoppers. He’s an entrepreneur, IT expert, beer connoisseur (literally), and partners with a cool tech startup on the side – wink, wink.

We love Derek. He was one of Shipt’s very first ‘Drivers’ before they adopted a more appropriate title of ‘Shoppers.’ As a fellow entrepreneur, he’s understood the vision long before Shipt was actively delivering groceries in Birmingham. It was our pleasure getting to know him a little better and gather a clear understanding of why he’s motivated to partner with Shipt.

Tell me about yourself?

I grew up in Vestavia, Al. I moved from Indiana when I was about 5, but I was originally born in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Of course I went to schools in Vestavia and I went to Huntingdon college where I played baseball as a pitcher for a year until I hurt myself. Then I went to UAB where I studied communications because I was interest in radio and tv. Now, I’m married with kids, and I own my business.

What do you do when you’re not working for Shipt?

I’m focused on my growing IT venture. I graduated from UAB and right after I started working as an IT professional with AmSouth. I was there for six years and wanted to venture out on my own so I started a few businesses, one of which was a Real Estate development company and then I became an insurance agent. I really didn’t like being an insurance agent, which is what lead me to IT. I loved the satisfaction I got in helping people solve those problems.

What do you like most about being a shopper?

Well first the people at Publix are fantastic and if you don’t know where something is every single employee knows where every product is, their extremely helpful! And I like meeting the people I shop for. You get a little insight into who they are when you shop for them and then you actually get to meet them.

How has Shipt affected your day-to-day life?

It’s changed a lot. Now every time I have down time I take advantage. Instead of thinking man I have nothing to do those hours are turned into money.
What would you tell someone who is interested in becoming a Shopper?
I’d tell them if they don’t have a problem meeting people and like to shop it’s a great job! And Its cool how I’ve found things at Publix that I never knew existed and I’ve actually bought those items later on my own time.

Tell me about the customers you’ve met while working for Shipt.

They all Range. Everyone is different. Some are very cost conscious always doing buy one get one free all the way to people who have very specific diets like gluten free or lactose free. It’s all kinds of people, but that’s the thing about Publix, it serves everyone.

What do you like to do for fun? Favorite hobby?

Coaching my 2 sons baseball and basketball teams. They play for Vestavia teams, the Gamecocks and Spurs. And going to UAB sporting events. Go Blazers!

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

Umm good question…. That I can play the guitar. I was in several bands when I was in college. I played at local bars and some frat parties in Auburn.

What is your most memorable moment as a Shopper?

I remember one night I went to deliver some groceries for a mother of 5 kids all under the age of 7 and the look of relief on her face when she seen me with her groceries gave me satisfaction. She was near tears and she told me how much she was thankful that she didn’t have to pack all her kids in the car and take them to the grocery store.

So whats next? What’s your ultimate goal and how is Shipt helping you reach that goal?

My ultimate goal is to get back into the IT field and grow my career and Shipt is allowing me to make some extra cash and has given me the time to study and take my certifications while I do that. I really like working for Shipt and its great because even when I get fully back into IT I’m still planning on doing shipt in my free time to make extra money.

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