Shipt HQ Potluck Secret Family Recipes

Anytime we can gather around a feast of delicious food together is a cause for celebration. At Shipt, everyone has their own fun family traditions, and with a family over 700 people strong, our HQ team members get together every Thanksgiving to share our secret family recipes, good food and lots of laughs! We’ve been counting down the days until our annual potluck in anticipation of decadent, holiday meals. Our HQ members come from all over the country and bring their own creative spins on traditional holiday meals. So this year we are sharing the recipes that are legendary in the halls of Shipt.

Rachael’s Bourbon Soaked Sweet Potato Pie

Originally from Seattle, shopper success specialist Rachael has brought her family’s legacy recipe down with her to Birmingham. Soaked in bourbon, the sweet potato pie is a tribute to her family distillery in Ireland and her mom who moved to the states when she was only 10 years old. With a kick of bourbon adding a smooth, oaky finish, this dish reminds Rachael of her family’s roots and is the reason why they all gather around each year.

Aunt Phyllis’ Famous Thanksgiving Dressing from Joshua  

This recipe isn’t the only reason x-team commander Joshua loves Thanksgiving – but it might be his number one! Aunt Phyllis brings, in addition to her incredible meals, incredible support and wonder to her family – and now Joshua is sharing a little piece of that with the world, full of all the fantastic flavor and texture. 

Peyton’s Great Grandmother’s Famous Mandarin Orange Salad

For email marketing production specialist Peyton, nothing gets her family to join at the table quite like her great grandmother’s mandarin orange salad. Full of sweet goodness like Cool Whip, this recipe may not be inherently nutritious, but sure fills her family’s stomachs and souls. The beautiful simplicity of the recipe and the memories of past Thanksgiving dinners make this dessert a staple item for Peyton each and every year.

Reed’s Seminal Baked Macaroni and Cheese 

In shopper communications copywriter Reed’s family, macaroni and cheese is the dish they wait all year long for. This time, Reed was up to the challenge. His seminal piece of work for Thanksgiving is this cottage cheese stuffed macaroni and cheese which earned praise from the whole family and most importantly, his grandmother. 

Which recipe reminds you of the holidays the most? Let us know in the comments below! Then go ahead and order all the ingredients to whip it up from!

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