two people wearing green shipt t-shirts on beach holding hands

A Shipt Love Story

Meet Karen & Dave — two Shipt Shopper Sweethearts who found love 6 months ago at a Shipt shopper event celebrating the one-year Shiptversary in Tampa, Florida. The Shiptversary was a particularly big one as it was a milestone launch which catapulted Shipt into becoming a recognizable grocery delivery brand.

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Dave, whose Shipt social presence is ubiquitous online, saw on the Shipt Shopper Lounge that Karen had RSVP’d to the celebration at Tampa’s Blue Martini. “I always had my eye on her, so I decided to RSVP too,” he recounts with a smile.

Dave barely noticed anyone else at the event because his attention was on Karen all night. “We got to know each other a bit that night and realized we had a lot of mutual interests,” he says.

“Text me when you get home,” Dave told Karen at the end of the evening at the Blue Martini. A gentlemanly move that blew Karen’s mind, she accepted Dave’s invitation to dinner the next night. Because they both had recently gotten out of relationships they took things slowly at first. Still, Karen has said of Dave from the start that he’s “incredibly persistent . . . pleasantly persistent,” she clarifies.

Since they started dating, Dave’s promise to Karen has been to make sure that she has “never-ending roses” on her table, giving her a fresh bouquet each week. For Karen’s 50th birthday, Dave surprised her with 50 long-stemmed roses at her favorite restaurant delivered by — you guessed it — a Shipt shopper.  

couple embracing on beach wearing shipt t-shirts

Dave never had children of his own, and up until meeting Karen called kids “anklebiters.” (His words, not ours!) Despite this, he’s come to welcome Karen’s teenage daughters, involving them in any way he can, a point that Karen speaks of with great affection.

Shipt shopper veterans pretty much since Day 1, Karen’s completed 2,300 Shipt shops so far, while Dave has completed 3,100 Shipt shops, making him the top 5 Shipt shopper in the entire country.

Despite their work schedules on opposite ends of the metro often working 10-hour days, Karen and Dave find time in their busy lives for each other. Every Thursday they take off early for date night, which always consists of roses, a delicious dinner of some sort (Karen says Dave’s a “particular eater” but has come a long way), and a round up mini-golf, pool, or a movie.

couple wearing green shipt t-shirts on beach holding hands

With Dave a smidge shorter than Karen — 5’2” to her 5’9” — and nearly a decade apart (Dave’s the younger one in this case), some might say they’re an odd couple. But love doesn’t discriminate against height or age, or anything else for that matter. In January, Dave proposed to Karen on one of their favorite beaches — St. Petersburg Beach, Florida. With their shared mutual interests, passion for food and roses, and Shipt shopper hustle, they’re our favorite Shipt Shopper Sweethearts. Keep the Shipt love life alive! 

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