he Internet Marketing Association's IMPACT16 event in Las Vegas

Shipt Named IMA Disrupter of the Year

When we set out to create a grocery delivery service, our goal to was to make life easier for you – the busy parent, the young professional, the person who juggles everything effortlessly. We created grocery delivery for people like you (and people like us!) to save time for what matters.

What happened next would make even the most optimistic entrepreneur crack a smile. We asked our hometown of Birmingham if they were interested in grocery delivery. The response? An overwhelming “YES!” to the tune of 1,000 sign-ups in a matter of weeks. So we launched Shipt in Birmingham, then Nashville, Dallas, Tampa, South Florida, and the list goes on to 30 cities across the country. Shipt’s growth is astounding. We took the world of grocery delivery by storm.

Last week, our team was invited to attend the Internet Marketing Association’s IMPACT16 event in Las Vegas, where we were recognized with a prestigious IMPACT Award, recognizing exceptional contributions to Internet marketing as well as outstanding projects and campaigns.

Shipt Wins Disruptor of the Year from Internet Marketing Association

Shipt was recognized as the Disrupter of the Year, putting our name on a list with some of the best and brightest of internet companies – a community we are proud to be part of.

So what does it mean to be the IMA Disrupter of the Year?

It means that we’re one step closer to achieving our goal of making life easier for people like you. The people who reach out to us and tell us “because of Shipt, I was able to _____.” We have a dedicated social media response team who spends their days (and nights) interacting with our wonderful community of social media followers who share the good, the great and the WOW! These are the stories that keep us moving.

You see, we’re not trying to remove grocery shopping from your to-do list, we’re simply trying to build the best way to buy groceries so our community has more time for the important stuff. Call us disruptive, call us life-changing, call us your grocery sidekick – we’re just honored to be a part of your life.

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