Shipt Partners with the American Red Cross 

At Shipt, the word “community” is boundless. It extends beyond the people we see in our day-to-day and touches each corner of the United States. Our community is our shoppers, members, and HQ teammates, and giving back to those we serve is at the core of what we do. From supporting food banks on a local level to our nationwide Shipt Week of Service initiatives, we’re always trying to get more involved. 

When a community is in need, like Houston was after Hurricane Harvey, it’s up to friends, family, and businesses to offer support and positivity throughout the community. That’s why we’re partnering with American Red Cross to help promote community preparedness education and coordinate disaster planning and response activities  — so we can leverage the incredible, caring community we’ve built with Shipt and deliver even more good in the world. 

American Red Cross Partnership 

Each time a natural disaster strikes in a Shipt metro, our first thought is: “How can we help our shoppers and members?” We have donated food, cleaning supplies, water, time, and money to various organizations in the wake of disasters. Each time we look for an organization that meets as many needs as possible, and each time we go back to the American Red Cross. 

While chiefly known for hosting critical blood drives, the American Red Cross also deploys volunteers to disaster regions who work tirelessly with agencies to ensure the immediate needs of affected individuals are met. Relief workers provide everything from meals and shelter to mental and emotional support and so much more. 

In July 2019, we partnered with the American Red Cross as a Disaster Relief Sponsor. We donated $50,000 for the organization to use in the Shipt coverage area in the event of a disaster. This donation not only provides financial support to help our Shipt family who might be in need, but also allows us to help communities get back on their feet. The Red Cross sends us daily updates in times of disaster with information on the impact and recovery efforts. We can also better understand the working conditions as we keep shopper safety top of mind. It also gives us insight into volunteer needs so that we can help physically, too! 

Helping Out After Hurricane Harvey

Two years ago, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in the Southern U.S., bringing with it catastrophic flooding and more than $125 billion in damage. Shipt Shopper Angela K. was visiting her daughter across the country when the storm hit, but remembers the devastation when she was finally able to return to her hometown of Katy, TX, a suburb of Houston.

“No one realized how bad it would be. You just can’t prepare for something like that to happen to any community, let alone your own.” 

Like many others, one of Angela’s vehicles was destroyed by the flooding. Homes were damaged or lost in the storm, and many families were out of work. After the worst of Harvey had finally passed, and stores and businesses started to re-open, she began the long process of helping her community rebuild. 

Much of what families needed was clean up for damage around their homes, and Angela recalls delivering tons of gloves, mops, and buckets to neighbors who were unable to get around.

Shipt Shoppers like Angela stocked up on cases of water to include with deliveries to make sure everyone had a fresh supply. She brought food and cleaning supplies in bulk to local churches and charitable organizations like the American Red Cross, which were then redistributed throughout the neighborhoods hit the hardest. She even connected with a fellow Shipt Shopper and brought her whole family out to help the woman rebuild her home after it was lost to the storm. 

Lending a helping hand to those in need should always come first. From the very beginning, Shipt was founded on the principle of keeping communities connected through friendly service from local shoppers and stores. We’re so proud of our community and inspired by incredible shoppers like Angela K. who go above and beyond to embody those values every day – in good times, and in hard times, too. Together, with the help of organizations like the American Red Cross, we hope to continue building stronger communities through volunteer work and service. 

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