Eat Seasonal: Spring has Sprung!

In purples, reds, yellows and pinks, blossoms are blooming. Pollen is blanketing every surface, from the top of your car to the roof of your nose (bless you!). People are stretching their legs in the sun: taking walks, riding bikes, eating at picnics.

It’s Spring! And we couldn’t be happier about it.

Spring means that we’re putting away our friendly fall gourds and root veggies, swapping them for vibrant greens and juicy fruits. We’re cooking and roasting a little less, letting the seasonal sweetness of each produce sing for itself.


This season is full of color and flavor, which makes it easy to cook fun and beautiful food. We’re excited to get started! Here is some produce we can’t wait to get our hands on:


Peppery and crisp, arugula is a favorite for those looking for more punch to their leafy greens. Try arugula in salads with zingy vinaigrettes and creamy cheeses or along steak in a salad. These bold leaves stand up well to strong flavors!


Bright, clean and satisfyingly snappy, these earthy spears can be sautéed or blanched and thrown into salads, blended up into spring soups or served simply with cheeses.


Blueberries are magical when in season. From sour and tasteless, they become floral, citrusy and sweet. A perfect blueberry will burst with flavor and pair well with other fruits, tangy cheeses and dark greens.

Photos by Gina Yu ©2016


Juicy, tart and addictingly sweet, strawberry season has arrived, hallelujah! These berries are synonymous with an infinite list of desserts, but try mixing it up. Toss them in a spinach salad with feta and balsamic vinegar, roast them with brown sugar and serve over toast, or hey, muddle them with mint and a splash of gin.

Gosh, aren’t you glad spring is here?
You enjoy the season (with your time and your tastebuds), we’ll get the groceries!

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