Shipt Shopper Spotlight: Christine C., Chicago

After the stars of the “Shipt Show” completed two shops 750 miles apart from each other in one day, Chicago shopper Christine took it upon herself to beat their record and shop in 10 states over 5 days – totalling almost 2700 miles travelled! Along the way she learned that persistence is the key to success and you can complete anything you set your mind to. When faced with a pause in life, Christine found Shipt at the perfect time to try something new. Read more about how Christine’s road trip became the inspiration for a greater journey in this month’s #MyShiptStory.

Unemployed to unexpected

Life can throw you for a loop sometimes. Last February, I ost my job. I was at a crossroads in life and needed to find a long-term job as well as a short-term solution to support myself and my family. That’s when I saw an ad on Facebook to work for a grocery delivery company. The idea of getting paid to grocery shop seemed too good to be true – but I took a chance and applied to be a Shipt Shopper.

At the same time I signed up for Shipt, I enrolled in medical coding classes. It’s always been a lifelong dream of mine to pursue something in the medical field, and this felt like the right time to start a new career. While I was excited about this career change, I hadn’t given much thought to my new “side-hustle.” I didn’t anticipate my experience shopping for Shipt to change my life for the better. This part-time job quickly became my favorite part of the week. I instantly fell in love with the community and opportunity to truly help people by doing something I was good at.

Hit the road, Shipt

At almost 700 shops, and still working with Shipt part-time, I was stuck between my next semester of classes. I knew that I could either wait around at home for my next round of textbooks or I could take this time to do something I’d never done before. I’d recently seen the “Shipt Show” where two All-star Shoppers completed the two farthest apart shops from each other – from Birmingham to Miami! After seeing their journey, I was inspired to take on a challenge like that. While they were able to travel by plane between the shops, I’ve always been a fan of long road trips. I thought there must be a fun way to beat their record by planning a road trip of my own.

Since Shipt’s roots are in the Southeast, I decided to make a goal to cover ten states east of the Mississippi River in the metros Shipt is available. So I decided my challenge would be to shop ten states in five days. I’ve driven through all of these states before, whether is was to visit family, friends or just for fun. But this time was going to be significantly different: I would have to drive to a Shipt metro, wait for and shop an order, and then keeping going!

Stop, shop, and on a roll

One of the most difficult parts of this journey was timing which states I went to each day. On the first day, I drove and shopped in Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana. Feeling accomplished about three states in one day, I took my time on day two, driving to Ohio and visiting a friend while I was there. From Ohio, I had to hustle all the way to Atlanta, Georgia if I wanted to get to Florida by day four. And on my last day, I knew if I wanted to complete my personal goal of ten states, I would have to ramp it up – so the final day I drove to and shopped in Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and my home metro of Chicago, Illinois! It was a race against time, but I had so much fun pushing myself to complete my own personal challenge.

The biggest thing I learned about myself along the way is that I am persistent. On the very last day, I drove from Pensacola to Chicago – a drive I’ve done before as a straight shot. But on this drive, I had to stop in different metros, hope I got an order, and then shop and deliver the order. Although I was tired, I couldn’t stop there – I had come so close to completing my Shipt challenge and I had to see it through. This road trip was exhausting, exciting and entertaining to say the least. Driving home on the final day and knowing that I completed my goal was a feeling like no other. This trip taught me that if I say I can do something, I will accomplish it.

Home is where the heart is

I count myself very lucky to have found Shipt. What’s been even more incredible is the shopper community I’ve become a part of in Chicago! The best thing about my home metro is our local Facebook page. We always welcome new shoppers when they join our area and lend a hand to anyone who might need a little extra help along the way.

Just recently, a shopper received an order to deliver ice, but when she went to check out, she realized her cooler bag’s zipper had broken. She posted in the Facebook group to see if any shoppers were around with an extra bag. Another shopper, who wasn’t even on the schedule, drove to the store to give her a bag to use. It’s small moments like this when I feel thankful for the Shipt community. We’re more than just people working the same job, we are a community that supports one another and lifts each other up. Shipt has given so many people around the country not only a job, but also a family.

I think the most valuable thing I’ve learned from Shipt is that people truly appreciate the service of Shipt. From the elderly to busy moms, our members are truly grateful for the Shipt Shoppers that make the convenience of grocery delivery possible. The ability to go out and get groceries for your family is something we can take for granted a lot of the time – some people don’t have the time, transportation, or physical ability to get to the store. I’m so lucky that I have to opportunity to help those around me in a totally unexpected way. Who would have thought unemployment would be such a blessing? Or that a Facebook ad would change my life forever? Sometimes, you just have to let life take the lead.

I can’t wait until we’re in all fifty states – my next challenge will be to road trip fifty states in fifty days shopping with Shipt!

Watch Christine’s firsthand account of her Shipt Road Trip here!

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