Shipt Shopper Spotlight: Cindy B.

At Shipt, we are incredibly grateful for our shopper community – now more than ever. Our shoppers are working hard to deliver groceries, everyday essentials, pet supplies, and medication our customer’s need most. 

Shopping for Shipt was a natural fit for Cindy who says she’s always had a passion for shopping. Cindy is proud to play an important role in the lives of her customers across Salt Lake City, especially during these challenging times. Here, Cindy shares some tips for new shoppers and customers:

Tell us a little about yourself!

I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah after moving here from Sarasota, Fla. in 2018. I’m a mom of two adult children and I spent the last 20 years as a stay-at-home mom after a decade-long career at a major corporation.  

How long have you been a Shipt Shopper? Why did you decide to start personal shopping with Shipt?

 I’ve been a Shipt Shopper since 2015 in both Florida and now Utah. Before Shipt, I loved to shop for myself, not necessarily just at grocery stores, but at home furnishing stores in particular. On the grocery storefront, I always enjoyed comparing prices and merchandise in my local area, and I made a game of obtaining the best quality food at the best prices. Shipt fit naturally into my existing shopping interests and the idea of getting paid to shop for others was very appealing to me.

What’s been the most memorable part of your experience? Any stories you can share?

The most memorable experiences for me all involve interactions with special customers. I’ve had a number of elderly customers who I’ve gotten to know beyond just their grocery needs. One customer who would order out-of-state for her mom always called me afterward to ask how her mom was doing. I would provide updates on her health and let her know how she was doing. After her mom passed away, she reached out to me to thank me for being a welcoming and friendly face to her mom in her last year.

With the Shipt family growing, what’s your best advice for new shoppers?

Treat your customers as if they were family and over-communicate when possible. Talk to the customer when you get their order, before you start the shop, while you’re shopping, and when you are on the way. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and even if the customer doesn’t answer, make the effort to reach out again.

Any advice for customers during these unprecedented times?

Be patient and recognize that your Shipt Shopper is doing their very best. If an item is out of stock, it’s not the Shipt Shopper’s fault. A bit of kindness and appreciation goes a long way with your shopper.

What’s a must-have item for your own Shipt order?

When I do a personal Shipt order, water, soda, and cat litter are usually on my list. I am always so grateful that my shopper can help get these items to me.

 Outside of Shipt, what are some of your other favorite activities?

When I’m not shopping for others, I still love home decor shopping for myself. I also love to garden in the spring and now that I’m living in Utah, I do enjoy shovelling the snow! Tennis was also a big part of my life in Florida and still is now – love going to watch my son play tennis for the University of Utah.

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