Shipt Shopper Spotlight: Crystal A., Christmas Edition

After moving from Colorado to Austin, Texas, Shipt Shopper Crystal A. finds herself missing the winter snow, but that doesn’t mean she’s short on holiday cheer. From her very first Shipt shop the week of Thanksgiving, Crystal has loved helping people during this crazy time of year. Originally drawn to the flexible schedule, becoming a Shipt shopper has also given her a way to connect with her new community. In the spirit of the holiday season, Crystal shares her #MyShiptStory about a recent gleeful delivery that could only be achieved by the likes of a magical Shipt shopper (or maybe Santa).  

There was an available order for 1 item, with 0 category and 1 special request – my curiosity peaked. I kept asking myself, what could it be?! I was so intrigued, I had to do it. To my surprise, the request was for a Christmas tree! The ask included, “can it be a pretty one?,” with the Christmas tree emoji. Right away I was excited. Not only did I love that someone asked me to pick out their very special Christmas tree, but they were also having fun with it already.

I texted the member to let her know I loved this request and was ready to rock it. She was incredibly grateful I was up for the challenge, and that I was as excited as she was! From chatting about what she was looking for in the perfect tree, to sending her pictures of the final one I picked out, it was fun to engage in light-hearted, playful conversation throughout the order. The store had just received a new delivery of Christmas trees and the staff was happy to help me pick out one of the freshest ones – it felt like the holiday spirit was bringing people together to help me complete this mission.

When I pulled up to the member’s house blasting Christmas music (the Pentatonix album, of course), she came running out as ecstatic as a kid on Christmas morning! We even had the same obscure bumper sticker on our cars, which only strengthened our connection and joy in the moment. I’ve always loved the holidays, I think it frequently brings out the best in people. Everyone’s a little nicer and the world feels a little brighter – this shop felt like the star on top.

While I’m not anticipating another Christmas tree order anytime soon, I’ll be keeping the bungee cords in my car – just in case!

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