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Shipt Shopper Spotlight: Dian H., Indy

With careers in restaurant management, substitute teaching, motherhood, and home remodeling, Indy shopper Dian H. sees life as a series of classrooms. With 1500 shops under her belt, Dian has learned that kindness goes a long way with fellow shoppers and customers. “The one skill I’ve learned as a Shopper is believing in people,” she said. “You gotta believe in everybody no matter what walk of life they’re from.” This approach has earned her much recognition within the shopper community. Dian’s “pay it forward” attitude has inspired her fellow shoppers to do the same, and it’s something we can all learn from. Dian has been able to play both student and teacher through Shipt — find out what she has learned and taught in this month’s #MyShiptStory.

Trading One Classroom For Another

Teaching has always come naturally to me. Between managing a local restaurant chain, raising my kids, substitute teaching and running a home remodeling business, I’ve traded one classroom for another throughout the years.

On paper, being a Shipt shopper seems very straightforward – you receive the order, you pick out the items, you deliver it and you’re done. But there are so many different layers to this job that I would never have expected.  But I remember a Meijer employee showed me around and took the time to walk me through everything. Within a few days, I had everything down – it really meant a lot how she was willing to help me out.

With Shipt, you have room to grow. I was asked to help launch Shipt in new cities, which means we are that city’s first impression of the service.  I helped out with the Cincinnati launch, which was really tough because I had six back-to-back orders. But all of my team leaders were so encouraging and at the end of the week, I wound up doing more shops than all of them. I’d earned the team leaders’ respect and they’d earned mine as well. I’ve tried to use their leadership as an example, and have assisted with seven more city launches. Now, I really feel like part of the team.

Paying it Forward

Everyone was so helpful to me when I started, so I know how important it is to be there for new shoppers and customers. As important as it is to take care of the customers, it’s also important to take care of the shoppers. If I know new shoppers are starting in my stores, I try to be available for help.

Teamwork is key. One great thing about Shipt is that when another shopper works with one of my regular customers, I can recognize that. If I run into a teammate shopping for our customer Cheri, for instance, I’ll make sure that shopper knows to let Cheri know her favorite Strawberry Cheesecake Jello cups are in stock. This in turn, gives our customers a sense of community when I can pass along my hello and advice through their shopper.

But it’s not just the customers we provide the community for. I remember a new shopper who had only been shopping for a week or two and I happened to be leaving at the same time as she was. Somebody had rear-ended her car in the parking lot. Since this poor woman had to deal with a car accident, I wound up calling HQ and taking over her delivery but made sure that she would still get paid. I didn’t even remember this story until I saw her recently, and she noted how she tries to pay it forward as much as she can as a result of our interaction.  It’s the underlying community and lesson of being there for people that makes Shipt what it is, and I am glad that I can positively affect this community.

What Technology has Taught Me About People

Other than alerting me to the fact that there are ten different types of cucumbers, Shipt has taught me how so many people are still appreciative of good old-fashioned friendship and relationships. We get so busy in everyday life with technology, families, and work. Shipt is a service that gives people time back with their families, but also creates relationships with people. The customers don’t have to worry about the time-consuming trip to the store, but have the opportunity to cultivate a relationship with their shopper. When I first started delivering, many customers would instruct me to  “leave it on the porch.” As relationships developed, I would knock on the door and hand over the groceries and now I’m going into their homes and chatting with them. You build up those relationships with people. They place their trust in us – we’re buying their groceries, the food they are feeding their families.

We’re so critical of technology these days for hindering human relationships, but Shipt is an excellent example of technology’s opportunity to bring people together. There’s something we can all learn from that.

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