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Shipt Shopper Spotlight: Lorie P.

Experienced Shipt Shopper Lorie P. can handle anything thrown her way – shopping a double or triple, balancing the schedules of three kids and even embracing life with an autoimmune disease. Little did she know that a personal experience would prepare her for the craziest shop of her life – helping a woman having contractions in the middle of Target. Read Lorie’s #MyShiptStory to learn about her journey from her diagnosis to Shipt, building relationships with her customers, trusting her gut and the incredible story behind that eventful afternoon in Target.

A Whole New Kind of Delivery

When my daughter was born, we didn’t make it all the way to the hospital. We were 20 minutes away when she decided to join us in the world early, and by the time we arrived at the hospital she was already smiling. That was a big surprise, as you would imagine, so when I was Shipt shopping at Target and heard a pregnant woman breathing heavily I was on high alert.

I was just starting my shop when I heard her in distress. She had her young son by her side and was struggling to use her phone. Her service didn’t seem to be working so I stopped what I was doing and offered to help. We used my phone to call her husband and let him know she was going into labor. She insisted I not call 911, and while I obliged this request, my conscience wouldn’t let me leave. Her son was starting school that week and they were stocking up on school supplies. Even through the contractions, she insisted on finishing her shop, despite my protests and offer to deliver the supplies to her – it’s what I do for a living after all! Determined not to leave her, we checked out and headed for the hospital. After my experience of giving birth on the way to the hospital, I knew I was the right person to be by her side.

Luckily, it didn’t come to this. We drove to the closest hospital which was about 15 miles away. Once we arrived, I stayed and played Pokemon Go with her 4 year old son while she was registered until she was swept away to see the doctor. Her husband was incredibly kind and texted me to thank me for being there for them. I was grateful to learn it was nothing more than early contractions. Now, I’m eagerly awaiting a text from the family saying their healthy little girl has finally arrived.

After I shared my experience with the Shipt Shopper community, Shipt gifted the family with a 6-month subscription! It’s great knowing they can rest easy until the baby is due (and maybe I will be able to shop her Target order!).

Trusting Your Gut

This experience was about stepping up to the plate when you’re needed. My kids, family and helping others always comes first. My background is in education, which was a great environment for my natural motherly and protective instincts.

I left my job as a teacher three years ago when I was first diagnosed with my autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia. I wasn’t able to work a typical 9 to 5 anymore. Luckily, my husband owns his own company where I was able to help with call center and payroll work. But it wasn’t good for me physically and I quickly tired of the call center. With my condition, the pain and fatigue just get worse if I’m not moving around. So when I started seeing ads to become a Shipt Shopper all over Facebook, it seemed almost too good to be true!

While I was nervous to apply, something inside was telling me to take a chance on Shipt. I’m a big believer in trusting my gut – and after my first shop, I’ve never looked back. With my disorder, I’m limited in what I can do for work. Finding a job where I’m able to be active, meet so many great people, help others, make extra income and have the flexibility to spend time with my family has changed my life.

Embracing People and the Little Things

Embracing my new life with fibro and shopping for Shipt has taught me to be more open-minded. You never know what someone is going through or why they’ve chosen to join Shipt. Whenever I shop an order, I love paying attention to the details and getting to know my customers. Whether that’s giving a busy customer a call if they don’t respond to a substitution text, or realizing a customer is about to head on vacation and wishing them a safe trip! I enjoy talking to people, finding things in common and building relationships through all the little moments.

A shop that has stuck with me was a recent delivery to an older gentleman. When I brought in his groceries, he told me about how he lost his wife a year ago. We sat and talked for thirty minutes. We connected on having a multi-cultural family and health issues. Moments like this, where I hear my customers’ stories and really connect as people, are what make Shipt so special to me.

Beyond the great people I meet through Shipt every day, the flexible schedule it affords me has allowed me to be there for my family. Whether my daughter is sick, I need to attend my son’s curriculum night or take my eldest to a last-minute dentist appointment, I can work my orders around the schedule that’s right for me. I’m able to experience the little joys of my job and still be there for my family. I’m so happy to be on this journey and I can’t wait to see where it leads.

Interested in becoming a shopper? Learn more about how you can live the #ShiptLife.

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