Shipt Shopper Spotlight: Sara C., Houston

Moving to Texas from Iowa was a big adjustment for Houston shopper, Sarah C. Although she loves her job as a nanny, leaving her family and church community back home was a huge adjustment. That’s when she turned to Shipt to not only make a little extra pocket money but also meet new people in her town. Read more about Sarah’s transition and her grocery parking lot hack in this month’s #ShopperSpotlight.

Finding community in more ways than one

About six months ago, I moved from Iowa to Texas with the family I nanny for. I’ve been a nanny for 11 years, a job that I wouldn’t give up for anything. But, it was hard to leave my church community in Iowa and I knew that would be one of the first things I needed to find in Texas to make myself feel at home. About one month after moving, I found a great church – a place I felt a deep connection with already. In November, they began talking about a Ladies Conference in March that I should attend with them. It seemed like a great opportunity to bond with my church community and also be empowered by a group of strong women. However, I was overwhelmed with the expenses of moving, so I didn’t think it would be possible – until my friend told me about Shipt in January.

I thought shopping for Shipt could cover some of my expenses for the Ladies Conference, so I set an initial financial goal as a part-time shopper (while I still worked my full-time job as a nanny). Within a few weeks of shopping, I completely surpassed my goal! I could cover the conference registration, hotel, and still live comfortably.

I’m so glad I was able to attend the Ladies Conference. It was so empowering being surrounded by so many different women and listen to speakers discuss the struggles women face, with or without God. Other speakers spoke about being true to yourself and standing your ground as a woman. I felt so inspired by being there and I’m grateful to my church community and my Shipt community for getting me to this place.

Shopping for new friends

I always strive to be myself and stand my ground for my beliefs but the Ladies Conference really reinforced this in me. My true calling is to be a childcare provider, but through Shipt, I’ve been able to extend my community and meet people in my new town. I will never forget my fourth shop, when I brought groceries to a mother and her son. He was so excited when I walked into their house with their groceries because he saw my shirt and asked, “Are you an alien? Where’s your spaceship?”

I responded, “I am an alien! My spaceship is outside but it looks like a car when I’m on earth.” His mother apologized, but I assured her that she shouldn’t apologize for that and that I work with kids as a full-time job. She told me that she’s been looking for a babysitter who would be a good fit for her son, and I gave her my information. I haven’t babysat yet because of schedules, but we’ve kept in touch and hopefully I’ll get to babysit for them soon. It was one of those instances where you talk to somebody and you know this is going to be forever – we instantly clicked.  

Work hard and be nice

I have two pieces of advice for prospective or current Shipt Shoppers: work hard and be nice. It sounds simple, but it really goes a long way. Working hard starts with smart shopping. Park in the same aisle (or two aisles) of the grocery store lot every time! This makes a huge difference when you’re in a hurry to ensure you bring a delivery on time. Even if you have to park in the farthest spot of that aisle, at least you won’t be wandering around after your shop trying to locate your car.

Second, Shipt gives us opportunities to go above and beyond in our work every day. The way I like to show appreciation to my members is through thank you notes because I want to show my gratitude to them for opening their doors to me. The Ladies Conference really focused on the good that we as women can do in this world. You never know when you can be the spark in someone’s day who might not be feeling great. Helping them with their groceries is a small way to make a big difference in someone’s day and ultimately their lives!

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