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Shipt Shopper Spotlight: Tracey L.

Family can mean many things – parents and grandparents, pets, your closest friends and confidants or your weekly book club. For Shipt Shopper Tracey L., from Florida, family is also found in her Shipt community. Tracey has been a shopper for more than three years and in that time she’s witnessed her Shipt community and their families grow.

As a loving mother and grandmother, family is everything for Tracey. She understands and appreciates making life easier for families. Tracey has seen first hand what a seemingly simple act like grocery delivery means to people, and she’s always looking for ways to go above and beyond by bringing a little love and compassion along on every delivery. We asked her to share her favorite part of watching a Shipt community grow around her.

“Watching the children grow… there are children that I remember when they were born and now they can say my name. So it’s nice having these people as a part of my life.”

For Tracey, the Shipt community grows each day. She continues to build her family in the new members and shoppers she meets. By using what she’s learned from being a mom and putting that same care and energy into Shipt shopping, Tracey has built a supportive, loving Shipt family.

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