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Shipt Shopper Spotlight: Wishabella Facebook Group

Shipt Shoppers are known for going above and beyond to assist our members. Whether picking out the freshest produce or helping a member unpack their groceries, our shoppers deliver more than the contents of their grocery bags. Behind the scenes, shoppers also go to great lengths to support other shoppers in their communities. This unique story comes from Tampa, Florida, where a group of shoppers have banded together on Facebook to support each other.

Shipt Shopper Rachelle A. saw the need for a support group within her growing community of shoppers, and thus “Wishabella” was born. The purpose of Wishabella was to help other Shipt Shoppers in need, whether they were new or veteran shoppers if someone needed a shirt, supplies or a grocery wagon, Wishabella was there to help. As Rachelle says,

“We as the community want to take care of our own because we are a family and you don’t let family members struggle.”

If anyone knows of the magic of Wishabella, it’s Courtney D. A single mother of five, Courtney saw Wishabella pop up on Facebook and curiously sent a friend request. She reached out to see if Wishabella had heard of anyone selling a cart to make her heavier orders a little easier. Rachelle sprung into action and worked quickly with her team of Wishabellas to locate the item. A few days later, she let Courtney know they had found a large cart perfect for her large orders.

For Courtney and the Wishabella community of Shipt Shoppers, the greatest gifts they’ve received are not the monetary items. It’s the friendships and bonds made in their community and the fact that others are willing to help those in need without asking for anything in return.

Know a Shipt Shopper that has made a difference in your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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